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Look Good and Feel Even Better

How to Look Good and Feel Even Better.

While it’s true that your self-esteem should never depend on your outward appearance, it’s hard to deny that a positive correlation between how one looks and how one feels indeed exists and that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

Waking up in the morning and presenting our best selves to the world fills us with a sense of confidence—definitely more so than staying in bed, eating junk food, and binge-watching TV shows or movies all day.

It’s true, looking good makes us feel good and we’re here to teach you how to look good and feel even better, not by using superficial cosmetics or encouraging you to go get a tan but through sustainable practices that will enhance your life and bring out the best version of you...

Healthy and Active Lifestyle In Winter

Fit & Fabulous: Tips For A Healthy & Active Lifestyle In Winter.

Once the autumn leaves fall away and the cold winter season starts settling in we tend to go into the "baby it's cold outside" mood where it seems so much easier to stay inside by the warmth of the fireplace with a cozy blanket and become a couch potato or lay in bed as long as possible. Unfortunately the longer we stay in hibernation mode the harder it is to snap out of it and unlike the bears we cannot afford to hibernate until spring arrives.

So what do we do to snap out of it so we can continue to live the healthy and active lifestyle we so happily embraced during the warm spring and summer seasons? Read on to discover our effective tips for incorporating exercise into your busy lifestyle this winter. This is especially beneficial if you do not have a fixed workout routine, can't make it to the gym or missed your planned workout time.

Ask An Expert About Arm Lift Recovery

Ask An Expert: Tips For A Better Toned Body & Arm Lift Recovery.

With each new year comes new goals and resolutions that we would like to achieve. One of the most popular new year resolutions has to do with our overall physical well-being and getting in shape and working out is often a top ten goal.

Exercise alone however does not take care of all our physical fitness needs since excess skin in areas like the upper arm can keep you from looking fully toned despite a vigorous workout routine.

In today's Ask An Expert series we are discussing additional ways to get rid of sagging and achieve a beautifully toned appearance by tightening excess skin through procedures like an arm lift. 

Read on to discover the fab tips shared by Robert Tornambe, MD of Madison Plastic Surgery about arm lift recovery, how to prepare for surgery and what to expect during recovery as well as after an arm lift surgery.

Natural Ways To Fight The Cold And Flu

Natural And Effective Ways To Fight The Cold And Flu Bug.

The winter season is filled with frosty temperatures, snow storms, freezing rain and windy days that leave us shivering in our boots as we fight off the cold and flu bug that plague so many.

Whether you are trying to avoid catching the cold or flu virus from your partner, kids, co-workers etc. during your daily routine or you are simply trying to fight it off quickly. We are sharing  eight, highly-effective and natural ways to get you healthy again in as little as three to four days!

Read on to learn about these amazing homemade cold and flu remedies that are made from ingredients that you already have in your kitchen or can easily find at your grocery store...

Get Your Abs In Shape For Summer

Get Your Abs In Shape For Summer.

Get yours abs in shape in time for summer pool and beach days with fab health and fitness tips from the 'Biggest Loser' TV show trainer Jillian Michaels!  Read on to see excerpts from her interview with Women's Health magazine and to benefit from her expert tips on how to get your abs into shape, which foods and exercises to avoid, what you should eat, staying motivated and how stress contributes to your fat build up.

1. How Stress Increases Fat Build Up
Jillian told Women's Magazine "when your levels of cortisol — a fight-or-flight survival hormone — are high, it can put your body in fat-storage mode. So stress is one of the worst things, not only for your overall health but also for your metabolism." 

Natural Ways To Prevent and Treat Sunburn

Natural Ways To Prevent & Treat Sunburn.

During winter we all long for the warm and sunny days of summer as we day dream of patio parties, backyard BBQ's, carefree days at the beach or lounging pool side. As the temperature warms up and we get further into the warm season there is no time like the present to begin protecting our skin from the harmful UV sun-rays, which are the only downside to spring and summer's hot, sunny days.

Instead of using chemical filled lotions, oils, sprays or creams to protect your skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure. We are introducing you to ten all-natural and effective ways to protect your skin from those nasty sunburns and other cell damaging free radicals that cause premature aging, wrinkles and dark spots.

These natural skin care treatments will not only keep your skin healthy and glowing all summer long but they are also edible, absolutely delicious and may already be in your kitchen cupboard, fridge or fruit basket! Read on to find out what they are...

Wake Up And Smell The Roses: Scents That Leave You in a Good Mood!

Wake Up And Smell The Roses: Scents That Leave You in a Good Mood!

We've all heard the phrase "wake up and smell the roses" and that's exactly what you should do if you're feeling frustrated, indecisive or even angry. Sway your mood by taking a deep breath and indulging in the scents from one of the natural foods and flowers shown below or you can opt for the scented candle version as well.

Read on to see the fabulous scents that you can use to calm and soothe your mind, by stirring up memories of childhood comfort and happy moments that in turn influence your emotions...

Discover Your Perfect Diet and Workout Routine

Discover Your Perfect Diet & Workout Routine.

The fabulous days of summer are almost here and we are looking forward to weekends at the beach and lounging poolside. If you're feeling a bit out of shape and want to get your body bikini ready. Now is the time to get serious about your eating habits and start a workout routine that's right for you.

Singer, actress and America's Next Top Model Host Rita Ora recently shared some of the amazing tips she learned after revamping her own eating and workout plan. Which has left her feeling healthier, stronger and most importantly works for her lifestyle needs. Read on to see the tips she shared and how they can help you with your own health and fitness journey and quest for your perfect summer body...

Living A Healthy And Hydrated Lifestyle.

Living A Healthy And Hydrated Lifestyle.

It's easier to ensure that we are well hydrated and healthy in the warm spring and summer months, when the heat easily causes to feel thirst and sweat. The cold winter season however does not have the same effect and it's easier for us to overlook drinking the adequate amount of water that our body needs to stay healthy and well hydrated.

Below we are sharing fab tips to help you live a healthy and hydrated lifestyle this winter. Plus discover the amazing app that will help you to keep track of your water consumption to ensure that you are properly hydrated...

Five Steps To A Healthy And Fit Life.

Five Steps To A Healthy And Fit Life.

The older we get, the more we need to exercise, it’s just a fact of life. Our natural tendency is to slow down, not speed up, but stepping it up is exactly what we need to do. Stress, anxiety and weight gain can dramatically affect our bodies, health and quality of life and heart disease, diabetes, joint and mobility issues are no laughing matters.

Regular, heart pumping exercise not only keeps us healthy but they also help to improve our memory and thought process. Whether your goal is to look good and live life in a bikini or you are ready for a lifestyle change. Read on as we break down the five steps that you should take to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle... 
Get ready to "live life in a bikini."

Get Fit In Style.

Get Fit In Style.

This fab deals post is brought to you by adidas. All opinions are mine.

We all go the extra mile during the summer months to look our best, keep fit and be bikini ready. Having the proper work our wear and shoes adds to our get fit motivation and  it's so much better when you can get the exercise and sportswear you love from the best brands at a fraction of the typical retail costs. Which is why we keep our eyes on the best sales so you won't miss out on the fab deals.

This week's fab deal is by adidas, not only can you save with their end of season sale but we have an amazing promo code so you can take an extra 20% off the items already on sale! Read on to see our favorites and must-have picks from the sale and for the promo code...

Stress Relief The Natural Way.

Stress Relief The Natural Way: 10 Tips To Help You Stress Less.

Are you stressed, tired, need to relax and unwind from the daily cares of work, relationships and what ever it is that's got you all wound-up?  Whether you are preparing for a big family event, working on a new project roll out, have an upcoming deadline on a school presentation or exam, or you're having one of those days where everyone and everything seems to be going a bit awry. Remember to "stress less and enjoy more."

We all encounter situations and sometimes people that affect our stress levels on a daily basis. How effectively we manage and deal with those every day stresses will determine our overall mood and ability to function successfully. Today we are sharing natural and healthy ways to reduce your stress levels, get some much needed rest and relaxation and improve your mood. Get ready to stress less and enjoy more with these fabulous natural stress relief tips...

Five Tips For Successful Dieting.

Five Tips For Successful Dieting.

This post is brought to you by our sponsors.

As many as 45 million Americans diet each year and proper dieting can result in numerous health benefits. However when you make the decision to diet, there's a lot more involved than simply eating less each day and it is important to develop a weight loss plan that encompasses various areas of your life in order to diet successfully.

Get a head start on your new year's resolution and goal to live a healthier lifestyle using the successful dieting tips below... 

10 Tips To Keep Your Workout Moving

For The Fit Fashionista: 10 Tips To Keep Your Workout Moving + A Fab Giveaway!

This post is brought to you by Carefree®. All opinions are mine.

Have you taken the Carefree Challenge? We are and with two additional weeks to go there is plenty of time to join in to discover fabulous tips for staying fresh and for the chance to win amazing prizes every day, including the $5000 grand prize so you can shop till you drop!

Read on to see the fab tips we're sharing on ways to keep fit and keep your workout moving all while staying carefree and having fun!

Fab Fitness Tips From Model Karlie Kloss.

Fit & Fabulous Workout Tips By Karlie Kloss.

American fashion model and Victoria's Secret Angel Karlie Kloss recently chatted with about her work out regime, breakfast of champions, exercising on the go and how she gets rid of unwanted calories to make her meals healthier but still delicious.

Want to know her secret to flat abs, toned legs and arms then read on for her fab workout tips in this week's Friday Faves feature...

Goodies For The Fit & Fabulous Fashionista.

Goodies For The Fit & Fabulous Fashionista.

This post is brought to you by our affiliate partner adidas.

adidas is innovating the running shoes industry yet again with the release of their first ever sneaker that has a full boost cushioning construction for the midsole to provide maximum energy return and comfort.

The new adidas Pure Boost is just what you need for those early morning or late afternoon jogs and if you're not a runner the comfort and lightness of these sneakers are just what you need to wear during your regular exercise routine or while exploring the outdoors this summer.

The adidas Pure Boost running shoes come in cute colors including our beloved pink for the fit fashionistgas. Plus there are cool colors for the man in your life as well, and since Father's Day is almost here. The adidas Pure Boost would make the perfect Gift for Dad as well!

Given their athletic prowess and their stylish components, it's no wonder the adidas Pure Boost shoes are the the buzz of the running community and flying off the store shelves! Read on to see the diffrerent colors and styles for women and men and click here to get your adidas Pure Boost today.

Expert Tips For Losing Weight And Keeping It Off.

Expert Tips For Losing Weight And Keeping It Off.

With spring finally here and summer just around the corner, we are taking a closer look at our bodies and ways to get in shape and become fit and what better way to kick start our summer fitness goals than with advice from the experts.

Today we are 'In The Interview Chair' with Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Amanda K Foti as she shares the best tips for dieting, weight loss and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Amanda is a graduate of New York University (NYU) where she obtained her Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition and a Bachelors of Science degree in Dietetics. She is currently a Nutrition Coach for Selvera, personalized weight management.

Read on for the full interview as Amanda discusses why so many people experience only temporary success with weight loss, the best dieting and weight loss techniques, tips for getting in shape in time for summer and her recommended tips for a healthier lifestyle and weight management. In other words she's sharing how to lose weight and keep it off! Plus see how you can get a free consultation to analyze your unique needs and formulate a personal weight management strategy that's right for you.

Fab Finds For The Fit Fashionista: Reebok's ZQuick.

Fab Finds For The Fit Fashionista: Reebok's ZQuick.

Have you been looking for a cool new running shoe for your next workout? Reebok has been inspired by hi-performance, Z-Rated tires, and created the Reebok ZQuick training shoe that delivers sports car handling for your feet.

There are lots of pretty color combinations for you to mix and match your outfits and they are also very affordable with retailing at just under $90. Plus they are now available in models designed for mean and women for  running (ZQuick) and training (ZQuick TR).

Read on to see the cool video of Reebok ZQuick in action and to learn more about the science behind it's unnaturally quick technology...

Fab Deals Friday: Goodies For The Fit Fashionista.

Fab Deals Friday: Goodies For The Fit Fashionista.

Is toning up, losing weight, getting in shape and keeping fit on your 2014 new year resolution list and have you started your fitness challenge? We've found the perfect way to get you excited for your get-fit journey with amazing deals/sales on active wear.

It's time to swap your typical 'chill at home and watch TV' or 'surf the web' clothes for fabulous fitness training clothing that include customized styles, splashy hues and fun phrases to keep you motivated because you have to 'look the part to be the part'!

Read on to see our fave active wear and exercise essentials picks now on sale at Zulily and join us by choosing your faves from this fitness week sale event to get you on track and looking your best!

A Fabulous Way To Look Better, Feel Better, Be Better.

A Fabulous Way To Look Better, Feel Better, Be Better.

The beginning of a new year marks endless possibilities and provides the opportunity (365 days of it) to center ourselves, connect, make positive changes in our lifestyle, habits and to become grounded. Every year many of us choose small everyday changes like eating a more balanced diet, while others resort to more challenging goals and new years resolutions that have the potential to drastically alter our lives if we succeed.

Enjoying the simpler things in life is at the top of my new year's resolution list. Whether it's a stroll in the park or actually taking time to live in the moment and enjoy the beauty of the bustling city. Its creativity, the complexity of the life evolving around us and everything that contributes to a more grounded and healthy wellbeing.

However that is easier said than done, especially during the chaotic early morning and late afternoon commute and constantly being on-the-go from one event, launch or get together to another while wearing high-heeled boots and pumps. In fact the stress on our feet, creates an overwhelming discomfort that circulates throughout the entire body creating a distracted and weakened feeling by mid-day.

That all changed when I discovered my first pair of Juil flats! Their collection of Earthing sandals and shoes for men and women promise to 'enhance your wellbeing by clearing your body of free radicals' like the toxins in our environment and the stresses of daily life. Intrigued? Read on for more...
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