Glam Prints Foliage Collection

LFG Glam Prints Foliage Collection

The new LFG Glam Prints Foliage Collection features beautiful illustrations of foliage and blooms in a warm and timeless earth brown shade. This collection is perfect for creating a minimalist, earth tone wall gallery or for giving your existing wall gallery a fabulous update. Discover and shop the collection below.

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Product Details: The LFG Glam Prints Foliage Collection is a six piece collection that features various foliage and blooms beautifully outlined in a warm, earth brown shade and displayed on a white background (as shown in the images above).

You will receive 6 digital prints in JPEG format in size 8x10 inches. Your downloadable, watermark free prints will be sent to the email address you provide during checkout within 24-48 business hours after your purchase. 
(Disclaimer: Images displayed above are smaller than actual size and illustration colors may not appear exactly as shown above due to screen resolution, printer or ink quality.)

Click Below To Buy All 6 Prints For $30 USD