Glam Prints FAQs

Glam Prints FAQs and Tips

1. Do you provide physical illustrations? 
At this time we only provide digital copies. This helps to keep costs low and makes Glam Prints more affordable, while giving you the freedom to choose your print and paper quality if you choose to print our digital illustrations.

2. What size are Glam Prints? 
You will receive your Glam Print in size 8x10 inches which is also 2400x3000 pixels.

3. How are Glam Prints sent? 
Your digital prints will be sent to the email address provided during checkout and you will be able to save/ download them in JPEG format.

4. When will I receive my Glam Print(s)? 
Your digital prints will be emailed to you 24 to 48 business hours after your purchase.

5. What currency are your prices? 
Glam Prints are priced in U.S dollars.

6. How are payments processed? 
Payments are processed via the secure PayPal Network. You do not need to be a registered PayPal user, or have a PayPal account or have to create a PayPal account in order to checkout and complete your order.

7. What forms of payments are accepted? 
You have the option to pay with your credit card, Visa or Mastercard debit card,  your PayPal account and several other payment methods.

8. What is your Return/ Refund Policy? 
All Glam Prints sales are final.

9. How do I contact Customer Service? 
Send all inquiries to

10. What are your Copyright and Usage Terms? 
Glam Prints were created for personal use and should not be resold as digital or physical prints or be claimed as your own creative work/ design. We do not require attribution for displaying Glam Prints on your social media pages, websites and blog, however if you want to mention us feel free to use the hashtag #lfgglamprints when you post on social media so that we/ others can see how you are using or decorating with your Glam Prints.

Tips for best printing quality: 
Glam Prints can easily be printed on your home printer, at a local print shop or through an online printing service. For best results and to maintain the high resolution of your digital illustration we recommend that you print them using a high-quality printer and ink as well as semi-gloss printing paper. For Glam prints that feature gold foil illustrations and gold foil text, we recommend using a printer/ printing shop that offers gold foil ink.

Tips for resizing and editing: 
Feel free to resize your Glam Prints to make them suitable for sharing on social media, etc. However to keep the high-quality of the digital prints please ensure that you 'maintain aspect ratio' while cropping/ resizing. We do not recommend editing your prints to make them larger than their original size: 2400x3000 pixels.