About Lush Fab Glam

What's Lush Fab Glam?

Lush-Fab-Glam.com is a lifestyle, fashion and beauty community that creatively inspires women from all walks of life to embrace and celebrate their lush fab glam minds, hearts, bodies and personalities.

Join us on this enhancing  journey as we discover everything lush, fabulous and glamorous in ourselves and in life together.

About The Lush Fab Glam Woman:

At Lush-Fab-Glam.com we celebrate the fact that we are all beautiful, intelligent, driven, creative, dynamic, thoughtful, graceful and all around fabulous women. As we embrace our roles as, mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, lovers, friends, girl bosses and so much more.

As Lush Fab Glam women we are always challenging ourselves, discovering, learning and excelling to new heights. While passionately finding and creating purpose in our life and in the lives of the women that we have the honor to reach in their homes, work place and wherever our journey to inspire, raise awareness, spread happiness and love takes us.

We encourage the Lush Fab Glam woman to live a well-rounded lifestyle and to embrace people, places, ideals and things that reflect and enhance her best self, her authentic self and reveals her true, natural essence.

Our Story: 

Lush Fab Glam was launched by our founder MJ in 2010 when her web search for inspirational, informative and entertaining stories with substance came up short. It was difficult to find websites that were well rounded with one-stop access to both beautiful and budget-friendly fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips and recommendations that represented women from all walks of life.

She set out to fill that gap and created Lush Fab Glam to be the go-to site where women of diverse backgrounds can take a break from their hectic schedules and easily discover extraordinary tips and inspiration to create their version of the lush fab glam life.

Our Values:

Over the years as Lush Fab Glam evolved the stories that we create and the ideas as well as the things that we introduce to you have also evolved. One thing however will remain the same, we will always present them to you in an honest and authentic way and we will only feature the ones that we genuinely love. We respect you, we value your support and we love that you trust our recommendations.

Letter From Our Editor-In-Chief and Founder:

Dear Lush-Fab-Glam.com Readers,

My name is MJ, I am a daughter, sister, friend, humanitarian, wife, mother and I recently celebrated ten years as the founder of Lush Fab Glam.

Lush-Fab-Glam.com is the site that made my dream to be an editor, writer and entrepreneur come true. Lush Fab Glam is not just my passion. It's an invaluable resource that women can use to learn, grow and be empowered to live their best life.

Women are beautiful, resilient, complex and multi-faceted beings. I wanted to create a space where women like myself, my friends and all women, no matter what stage of life's journey they were on could feel welcome, supported and represented. While on their quest for advice, helpful tips, answers to life's puzzles and inspiration to enhance their lives.
Here at Lush-Fab-Glam.com we will do our part to reveal the unparalleled and precious nature of women and girls. By helping them to first discover, honestly accept and love themselves as the beautiful masterpiece-in-progress that they are. So that in time they can wholeheartedly help to create positive and lasting change in themselves, in others and in the world.

If you have been with us for a while now, thank you for your loyalty and support! If you are new here, we hope that you will...

Join us on this epic and transforming 
journey of discovery and growth. 
As we explore what it means to live joyfully 
and love wholeheartedly.