The Quintessential Summer Style Guide

The Quintessential Summer Style Guide.

The wonderful days of summer are finally here and we are beyond excited for the warm summer days, breezy nights, patio season, lounging poolside, frolicking at the beach and our much anticipated travel escapades. 

How will you be spending the summer? We hope you will make time, whether it's after office hours or on weekends to make the most of the short but sweet summer season and enjoy it to the fullest!

Read on for our quintessential style guide to help you curate fabulous looks for the hot days and warm nights of summer. Including the hottest fashion trends of the season, looks for all occasions and timeless summer fashion staples.

Introducing LFG Glam Prints Foliage Collection

Introducing LFG Glam Prints Foliage Collection

The LFG Glam Prints Foliage Collection is officially here. The newly released collection features beautiful illustrations of foliage and blooms in a warm and timeless earth brown shade. This collection is perfect for creating a minimalist, earth tone wall gallery or for giving your existing wall gallery a fabulous update.

Discover and shop the foliage collection below and visit the Glam Prints Shop for FAQ's and purchase details.

Who Else Shall We Let Perish?

Who Else Shall We Let Perish?

Our minds are overwhelmed, our hearts are broken and our tears flow as we mourn the deaths of 19 precious children and 2 teachers as we ask who else shall we let perish? However our pain cannot compare to the sorrow and heartbreak of the families who lost loved ones in the Uvalde Elementary School shooting. 

Nor does it compare to the resurfaced trauma of the families and survivors of recent mass shootings like the racially motivated Tops supermarket shooting in Buffalo and the Asian church shooting in California all in the last 2 weeks.

Every day more than 110 Americans are killed with guns. The frequency of mass shootings, gun violence and the death toll in a nation not at war is mind boggling not just to Americans but to the world. Especially to countries where guns which are weapons of mass destruction are not glorified in their culture, seen as a coming of age trophy or made easily accessible without strict, thorough and effective, criminal and psychological background checks.

Countries like Australia, the UK, Norway, New Zealand and Canada who wisely and successfully adjusted their laws after experiencing a devastating mass shooting to ensure the safety of their citizens, both young and old. Schools, churches, supermarkets and train stations should not be war zones. Weapons created for war should not be in the hands of civilians in a land that is not at war because when there is no real enemy to fight against the only ones left to harm are each other. 

Unfortunately that is exactly what's been happening in America for decades and more lives will be senselessly destroyed if we do not implement meaningful and effective change. First with our mindset and then with our voices and actions. Read on to learn how you can help to end gun violence.

How You Can Help End Gun Violence