Celebrating Womens History Month

Celebrating Women's History Month.

Happy International Women's Day and Happy Women's History Month to our LFG readers! We encourage you to take time this March to discover, rediscover, learn from and celebrate the incredible women who have and who are positively changing our world  in big and small ways.

Celebrating Women's History Month

We have shared a beautiful poem written by our Editor in Chief MJ below, that celebrates women and womanhood. We hope it will inspire your life and the lives of the women you share it with.

Women Like You, Women Like Me, Women Like Us

Let's celebrate the women 
who came before, who paved the way, 
so the women of today can live the dream.

Let's celebrate women like you and me
who are breaking down barriers today, 
so the women of the future 
can be more than we envision.

Let's celebrate women like us 
on International Women's Day
during Women's History Month and always!
~ MJ ~

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