How You Can Help Ukraine

How You Can Help Civilians & Children in Ukraine.

Our hearts are breaking for the people and children of Ukraine, for the refugees who live in Ukraine and for the citizens of other countries who work or study in Ukraine. Thousands of innocent civilians mainly women and children are displaced and are now seeking safety in neighboring countries. Millions are at risk and trapped in Ukraine. There are also non Ukrainians citizens who lived, worked, studied or were refugees in Ukraine who need our empathy and help.

We can help them all right now by supporting the non profit organizations and NGO’s that are already on the ground providing aid in Ukraine and also in the European countries who have opened their borders to those fleeing war.

How You Can Help Ukraine

Read on to learn more about how you can help Ukraine and for links to the vetted non-profit and NGO's that we support and recommend making a donation to.

1. Support non profit organizations that are currently helping affected civilians trapped in Ukraine.

How You Can Help Ukraine 1

2. Support NGOs helping Ukrainian refugees as they seek safety in neighboring countries.

How You Can Help Ukraine 2

3. Reach Out to your Ukrainian friends, colleagues and  the Ukrainian community and organizations in your city or country. Ask how you can help or volunteer.

How You Can Help Ukraine 3

4. Raise Awareness: We are all seeing the horrific images on the news and in our social media feeds but not enough information is provided to show how everyday people can help Ukrainians in their time of need. Share this and any other useful articles etc that recommend vetted ways to help Ukraine.

How You Can Help Ukraine  4

5. Donate:

Please support these vetted non profit organizations and their volunteers actively helping civilians in and around Ukraine. Visit their websites listed below to donate.

How You Can Help Ukraine

Make a donation to:


International Medical Corps:

International Rescue Committee

World Central Kitchen

"Do small things with great love 
and together we can do something wonderful."
-Mother Theresa

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