Celebrating Eleven Years Of LFG

Celebrating Eleven Years Of LFG.

The month of February is officially here and this means it's a month of reflection and celebration for us as it marks eleven years since LFG was founded. Today we take a walk down memory lane and commemorate our milestones, achievements and feel gratitude for how far we have come.

It's our anniversary

We also realized that this is the perfect time to not only say "THANK YOU" to our loyal readers and social community for supporting us through the years but to also reintroduce LFG to you and the world. Read on to learn what's ahead for LFG including an exciting announcement and more.

The New LFG Website and Brand

At LFG we are inspiring women to discover, create and enhance their lives in our lifestyle, fashion and beauty editorials, visual arts and imagery. Our newly unveiled LFG website design, logo and branding reflects the positive transformations and successes that LFG has had through the years. These include our evolution into a digital publication with a dynamic online community as well as the addition of our curated boutique.

LFG Exclusive Creations Coming Soon

We are also evolving into a lifestyle brand that seeks to inspire and empower our female readers with tips and resources for personal development and professional success. We will be taking this one step further in the coming weeks by launching our first LFG branded products. Can you guess what they are? 

We can't wait to make the official announcement but in the mean time we suggest that you sign up for our email updates to gain early access to shop our LFG exclusive creations which will be in limited supply. Plus new subscribers from now to the official launch day will receive a free gift and promo codes to help you save.

Our Values:
We would also like to re-iterate our brand values which we have shared below. We fully grasp the power of words to mold and shape opinions, decisions and actions. That is why at LFG we strive to create honest, ethical, uplifting and life-enhancing content.

Over the years the stories that we create, the inspiring ideas we share and the things that we introduce to you have evolved, however our values will remain the same.
  • We will continue to provide you with inspiring content that will help to positively enhance your life.
  • We will continue to raise awareness for charitable, social, humanitarian and environmental causes.
  • We will continue to support small and women-owned businesses. As well as brands that are socially and ethically conscious or who provide healthy living, environmentally friendly, cruelty-free, fair-trade, natural and organic products.
  • Lastly, we will always present our editorials and recommendations to you in an honest and authentic way and we will only feature the ones that we genuinely love. We respect you, we value your support and we love that you trust our recommendations.

We look forward to the next chapter of LFG and we are truly grateful to have you with us on this journey. Thank you once again for helping us get to YEAR 11!

Celebrating eleven years

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  1. DMellow2/03/2021

    It all looks amazing!

  2. CarlaRyan2/03/2021

    The makeover looks great!

  3. SammyL2/03/2021

    Happy Anniversary!

  4. Kayla M2/03/2021

    Thats a great set of values authenticity and honesty matters.

  5. Elise_Suarez2/03/2021

    This is so exciting, can't wait to see what you launch.

  6. lauramccoy2/03/2021

    Shine on!!

  7. nicolehenry2/03/2021

    The website looks stunning!

  8. LindaTorres2/03/2021

    WOW 11 years is incredible.

  9. Irina Leighton2/03/2021

    So exciting!

  10. PenelopeA2/04/2021

    Congrats on 11 yrs!

  11. SereneLiving2/04/2021

    The gold touches are everything.

  12. kimberleymartin2/04/2021

    Congratulations it looks fantastic!

  13. Lenasmusings_2/04/2021

    Eleven years? That's awesome!

  14. Congratulations and keep up the great content.

  15. honeynroses2/04/2021

    This is so great and looking forward to the product launch.

  16. Diane Saint Pierre2/04/2021

    You've checked all the boxes with the values statements, so good to find companies that care in this way, you have my support!

  17. madisonlondon2/04/2021

    Congrats! Enjoy the celebration.

  18. Marsha L2/10/2021

    Happy Anniversary LFG!

  19. Amber K3/11/2021

    Eleven years, that's impressive!


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