5 Integral Life Lessons For 2021

5 Integral Life Lessons For 2021.

The past year will be etched in our memories for years to come, it was filled with unprecedented, historical and record shattering natural disasters, a global pandemic, unfathomable loss of life in such a short period of time, worldwide social and racial justice outcries, economic shut downs, record unemployment and migration from cities and this was all in addition to the personal struggles that each year brings.

It was also a year of increasing our awareness, slowing down, connecting deeper, practising kindness and acts of caring, even while we physically distanced from each other. It came with many life lessons and gave us time to reflect and remember what truly matters and to gain a clearer perspective and even change our perspectives on major beliefs and social issues.

Life Lessons

The five integral life lessons we've shared below stemmed from pivotal moments that we all witnessed, experienced together or are vividly aware of. We hope that they will be used for reflection and as a source of inspiration to motivate and empower you for the days, weeks and months ahead and whatever they may bring.

1. Life is fragile and our time here is limited, let's not waste it and instead let us rise to the challenge of facing each new day with gratitude and zeal.

Rise to the challenge

2. Sorrow and pain can unite us.


3. Live life with purpose it will positively affect others whether you intend to or not.

Live with purpose

4. Real heroes inspire us every day with their selflessness. They lead by example as they actively and continually choose to sacrifice their own lives to save and protect the lives of others.


5. Never give up hope.


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