Help Feed The Children Of Yemen

Help Feed The Children Of Yemen.

As we head into the season of gifting, giving and various cultural, religious and traditional celebrations and feasts observed by numerous countries and religions. Our hearts hurt for the people of Yemen who are going through the worst humanitarian, hunger and health crisis of our time.

Yemen is currently inching toward a catastrophic famine because of underfunding, obstruction to much needed humanitarian aid and a destructive five year civil war. This war is fuelled by arms and weapons of war sold to Saudi Arabia and the UAE coalition by countries including France, Spain, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. 

According to several several UN investigations and, these weapons are then used against Iran-backed rebels in the conflict zone. Where innocent civilians and the children of Yemen are caught in the crossfire of this war, which has already claimed over 100,000 lives and left Yemen on the brink.

4 Ways You Can Help The Children Of Yemen

2020 has been a hard year for the world but it's been even harder for the people and children of Yemen, who are not only struggling with a financial and covid-19 crisis like the rest of us but they are even more vulnerable as a result of malnutrition and a devastated health care system.

We hope to raise awareness with this article, since media coverage has been low and continues to decline. We simply cannot turn a blind eye to children suffering and we hope that you will join us by raising awareness and providing much needed aid to Yemen.

Read on to learn more about the crisis and four effective ways that you can help the people of Yemen right now, even if you cannot afford to make a financial contribution.

Why Yemen  needs your help

Why The People Of Yemen Need Your Help

  1. It's a Humanitarian Crisis: Over 24 million people are solely relying on humanitarian assistance and 12 million of them are children.
  2. It's a Food Crisis: 20 million people don't have enough food.
  3. It's a Malnutrition Crisis: nearly half of all children are stunted by malnutrition.
  4. It's a Displacement Crisis: Over 3.4 million were forced to flee their homes.
  5. It's a Health Crisis: Only half of health facilities are fully functioning.
  6. It's a Cholera Crisis: Over 1 million suspected cases.
  7. It's a Covid 19 Crisis: The virus spread is unchecked.
  8. It's a Neglected Crisis: Aid agencies are running out of money to respond.
  9. It's a War Crisis: Over 100,000 people have been killed from the conflict.
  10. It's a Climate Crisis: With winter approaching more than 80% of the people are struggling to stay warm.
(Statistics provided by World Food Programme and Save The Children.)

The crisis in Yemen

Four Effective Ways You Can Help Yemen

1. Share this article to raise awareness:
Be a voice for the voiceless, read learn and tell your family, friends and co-workers about the Yemen crisis and how they can help by sharing this article to your social media page or by email.

2. Play Free Rice @wfpfreerice:
Play the WFP's online quiz game where every right answer generates a donation to help the World Food Programme feed people in need. This is great way to get the rest of your family, especially children involved in giving back.

3. Download @sharethemeal app:
Share The Meal is the first mobile app against global hunger. Download the app and share a meal with a hungry child with just a tap on your phone. It costs 80 cents to feed one child for a day.

4. Make a donation:
To one of the non-profit organizations below to provide life-saving, nutritious food and medical assistance to hungry, malnourished children and families in Yemen.

  • World Food Programme: visit

How you can help Yemen

Martin Luther King Jr. once said that "life's most persistent question is: WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR OTHERS?" We hope that this article has inspired you to act in order to help the people of Yemen in whatever way you can. 

The suggestions above are a great start and while it may seem like one person cannot do enough to solve this crisis. Keep in mind that every person who answers this humanitarian call gets us closer to the goals of raising awareness, petitioning our international leaders and most importantly providing food and medication to families in Yemen. 

What are you doing for others?

Raise Awareness by sharing this article:

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