The Beauty Of Life

The Beauty Of Life.

This article is inspired by and titled after an original song composed and performed by seven year old Abriel. He created it to "warm people's hearts, bring joy and remind us of the Beauty of Life" during the global social distancing and stay at home measures as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic."

It's endearing to see children tap into their creativity, display compassion and find their own unique way to try to understand all the changes in the world at this time. While also reaching out to help and uplift those who may be feeling isolated. Or who may not be coping as well with this slower pace of life and the losses brought about by this pandemic.

If like seven year old Abriel, you are able to create a beautiful song, poem or work of art to share with others that will uplift their spirits, bring joy, comfort and simply help them get through another day, please don't hesitate to do just that.

We are all gifted, capable and resourceful in our own way and now is the time to share your gift, compassion and love through acts of kindness.

If not now, when? If not us, then who?

We are all in this together and we can only get through this with a humble recognition of the fragile but incredible beauty of life.

Please take a moment to watch the piano piece by Abriel featured below, we hope it touches your heart and the hearts of those you share it with, like it did for us.

The Beauty Of Life By Abriel

(Discover more beautiful piano performances by visiting 
Abriel's YouTube channel: Learn with Abri.)

If you are reading this and you are:

1. Feeling alone, overwhelmed, worried about the future, haven't been coping well. Or you are in the high risk group for contracting this virus because of your age, a preexisting condition, environmental and socio-economic factors such as location (living in a high risk city). Or if you currently have no income or you are having a hard time making ends meet.

We hope you find comfort in the fact that, you are not alone. Even when it may feel that way, remember that billions of us around the world are in this fight with you and we are doing what we can with the resources that we have to ensure that we not only survive but that all of mankind can learn, grow and become better after this.

2. A health care provider, essential worker or volunteer risking and dedicating your life to help us in this fight.

We want you to know that, we support you and although we may not know your names or what you look like, we are thinking about you, we are grateful for you and we admire your strength and courage. Please stay safe and healthy.    

If you are wondering what can I do or how can I help?

You've already taken the first step by protecting yourselves, your family and community by practicing effective hand washing techniques and limiting contact with others. However compassion is also required at this time.

There are many of us who know several people who are infected, have passed away, lost jobs, may lose businesses, homes, their life's work or have run out of food because of this. Then there are those of us to whom it feels less intimate because our town, state or country is not as deeply affected. Or maybe we still have work from home jobs and a savings account to rely on.

Now is the time for us to draw upon the fundamental thing that connects us:

That we are all part of humanity and rather than disconnecting, we should allow ourselves to see the hurt, the pain and the sorrow of those who have been affected not just in our local area but globally. We should allow ourselves to feel compassion and help in whatever way we can.

How You Can Help During The Covid-19 Pandemic

We have been touched by the stories of compassion and selflessness that people have shown to each other. As well as the creative fun and heartfelt ways that have been used to help others cope and thrive during this global pandemic. We have shared some of the ways that you can do the same below.

1. Donate: 

If you have the means to donate canned foods, dry goods or monetarily, please do so. Food banks, homeless shelters and local non-profits that provide food to seniors, the homeless, at risk families and orphanages are desperately in need right now.

2. Volunteer:

If you have the time and ability to volunteer to a charity or local non-profit organization that is currently helping to deliver meals to the elderly and disabled, or to volunteer at a local food bank, please do so safely.

3. Help the elderly, disabled and high-risk people you know personally:

If you are able to personally help an elderly, disabled or high-risk family members, friends and neighbors with their grocery shopping, prescription pick up or to provide a meal to neighbors in need, please do so.

4. For those who do not have resources to give:

Get creative and use your unique skill or ability to help others. We have been inspired by the people who sewed home-made masks so their family, friends and neighbors can go out to shop for groceries and exercise safely.

We have also been delighted to see people uplift each other with the music, comedy, blog posts, art etc. shared online or played for neighbors from their balconies and driveways.

Even something as simple as creating Thank You signs for your window or door for essential workers from the postal service, sanitary/ waste disposal and health care or grocery store workers who live in your neighborhood to see. It will encourage and uplift them and it's a fun activity that the whole family can get involved in.

5. Be a source of comfort for family and friends:

Not everyone is coping as well during this time. Be a listening ear, call or text often, have a virtual lunch or dinner. Share stories, videos etc. that will bring laughter and joy or whatever helps them to feel less stressed and alone.

Parents are also feeling exhausted right now so be that cool family member or friend who does a video chat, virtual story time, play date or tea party with the kids so mom and dad can get a little rest and relaxation time.

Share Your Ideas:
Let us know how you are staying uplifted at this time and any suggestions you may have for helping others in the comments below.

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  1. Wow so interesting thanks for sharing

    1. You're welcome, hope everyone puts the tips shared here to good use.


  2. Tips that may seem trivial, but that actually hide the real and few steps in them to be really useful.

  3. These tips are well needed during this time and very well thought out. I agree that being a source of support for your loved ones is a great way that everyone can give back at this time.

  4. Absolutely love this post. Although the word isolation is being used a lot, in fact it is a great period of connection - both within families, neighbourhoods, locally and globally.

  5. This is the time to show compassion and help the weak and the old. We shall stay united and provide more help.

  6. This is so lovely and something I really needed to read today. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us!

  7. This is amazing! We are trying to help as much as possible, trying to reach out to friends in needs and being present and supportive as much as possible.

  8. I think we are all feeling very similar things right now and it's nice to know there are others out there and we aren't alone.

  9. Thanks for giving these ideas. Very helpful esp this season. Let's all do our part and make this work

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  11. I think that the best way to help is by staying at home and donating to those organizations that help the need and the First Responders.

  12. I will try to be more of a source of comfort to others. This is a tough time for all

  13. This is a really important reminder. We all need to take care of ourselves, and take care of others. We are in this together, and we will get through it together!

  14. this is a difficult time for everyone. definitely an vital reminder for all of us

  15. Yes, this is a time to "come together" in non-physical ways. There is so much to do to help each other out. Thank you for some beautiful thoughts.

  16. Aww thank you for these words of encouragement. It has been a difficult time but we will get through it together.

  17. Great tips and yes, we should look out for each other during this time.

  18. Thanks for taking the initiative to spread positivity to everyone. This is what we need right now - love and kindness :)

  19. Thank you so much for sharing. This was a lovely and interesting read :D

  20. Thanks for sharing this during this difficult time. The decline in mental health is the real threat right now. I hope we can all pull through soon.

  21. Those are some nice points you shared. We all should do something in this situation yo help.

  22. This is great advice! We decided to spread a little happiness among our neighbours this week (and with my husband still working fulltime we could afford to) so we gifted a neighbour with a gift card to a local pizza shop (supporting local business) with a note thanking them for being great neighbours. Today we had a beer delivery in return lol The little things that make a difference!

  23. What a talented young lady! These are great tips, volunteering always makes me fell better.

  24. Kristine Nicole Alessandra4/25/2020

    I was talking to my husband about this last night. I told him that nothing much changed in my life during this lock down. I am still the one doing the grocery runs, still the one doing the housework, etc. The only thing that is different is that I have learned to appreciate all those little blessings that I have overlooked before. And I am so thankful for every waking moment. Stay safe and healthy!

  25. We can all help in our little way. Thanks for spreading hope and positivity at this time.

  26. Me and my ex during this lockdown have reconnected and we are volunteering and doing charity. Condition is worse here. I just wish we could...........

  27. This was really inspiring, especially during the tough times we are in. I will spread this to my family and friends.

  28. Thank you for your positive post during this difficult time. We need love, love and positivity now more than ever.

  29. This is really inspiring. We are all in this together and we need to reach out to each other in ways that we can because no one has to stand alone.

  30. I donate when I can but even when I can't I volunteer because even when money is short you can always give time.

  31. Thank you for this inspiring and very encouraging post, and yes we are all in this together!

  32. This is a good list of things to do to help. So inspiring, thanks.

  33. This was a wonderful post - I've been loving cooking and going out for groceries for my elderly neighbours! x
    Marina Rosie x

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    Laura x


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