5 Steps To An Organized Closet

Organizing 101: 5 Steps To A Fabulous & Organized Closet.

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One of our favorite things we love about deep cleaning in the spring and summer is getting to finally put away those bulky winter sweaters and bring out our beautiful spring and summer dresses, tops, skirts and sandals. It's also the perfect time to do a quick wardrobe makeover and to donate the clothes that we no longer like or wear so that someone in need can benefit from them. While freeing up much needed space in our closets.

Today we are sharing the five easy steps that we follow for a clean and functional closet. Read on to discover them and to learn how you can create your own fabulous, organized and Instagram worthy closet!

How To Create A Clutter Free Closet

Step 1: Keep the shoes, clothing, accessories that you need for the season on hangers, in drawers or baskets and folded on shelves where they can be easily seen and reached to ensure that you will wear and not forget about them.

Step 2: Store away non-seasonal clothing until they are ready to be used again.

Step 3: Donate the clothing and shoes that you no longer like or wear.

How To Organize, Arrange and Display Your Closet

We love the phrase and concept 'shop your closet' and one of the things that we love about boutiques and high-end fashion stores is how beautifully, organized, arranged and displayed everything is. The same organizing and arrangement style should be applied to your closet and don't forget to put your most beautiful, bags, purses and scarves on display too! See below for specific details to help you get that fabulous boutique look in your closet.

Step 4: Organize and arrange your clothing, shoes and accessories by type using wood or white hangers. Arrange your shirts, dresses etc together based on their length and arrange your shoes by flats and heels to create a coordinated look in your closet.

Step 5: We also love to color co-ordinate our closet to create a more boutique feel. Summer blues and white clothing displayed side by side creates a luxurious contrast, while Fuchsia, blush pink and Ivory colors displayed together is the perfect way to create the ultimate glam girl spring/ summer closet.

How To Keep Your Closet Organized

Now that your closet is organized and clutter free, it's important to keep it that way by putting things away as soon as you have dry cleaned or laundered them.

It's also a good practice to choose your outfits in advance, that way you are comfortable and confident with your style picks and won't create last minute clutter while foraging through your closet to find that perfect dress, shoes or handbag.

Design Your  Own Organized Closet

You can design and create your own beautiful and organized closet with EasyClosets. Visit them for tons of inspiration and to find functional pieces to help transform and maximize the space in your closet like the amazing Adjustable Shoe Organizer featured below. It's one of our favorite pieces and it's perfect for organizing and displaying all your shoes so you can easily find and wear them.

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