Live a Life You Will Remember

Life Lessons: How To Live a Life You will Remember.

When celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, saying goodbye to one calendar year and ushering in another or when we are at a crossroad in life, we often find ourselves reflecting on the highlights, milestones and moments of change. We smile as we reminisce about the people, places, events and things that brought us joy. While also wondering "what if" or quickly trying to forget the moments that were sorrowful, bewildering or disappointing.

Those less than stellar moments, however small or great are also a part of life's journey and they help to build our character. Our reaction in those moments, may even dictate our reactions to similar occurrences in the future. That is why it is important to see those moments and memories with a clear perspective and a view of the bigger picture. They are life lessons for growth as well as opportunities to learn, to act upon, to speak up, to embrace, to pass on.

These moments can also bring awareness and a sense of clarity so that we can break away from old harmful habits and say goodbye. Some moments help us to embrace change and are the catalyst for new beginnings and ideas. While other moments cement existing relationships and values deeper into our minds and hearts so that they become a permanent part of our memories and life story.

Try implementing the tried and true life lessons, lifestyle practices and tips that we have shared below to help you live a life that you will happily remember.

10 Ways To Live A Life You Will Remember:

1. Be present in the moment. Focus on the now and give the people and things that are important your undivided attention.

2. Be intentional with your time. Time is fleeting and no one remembers the mundane.

3. Be wise with your actions so that you will have nothing to regret or want to erase from your memories.

4. Be sincere with your words. Honesty and integrity are essential to a life that's worth remembering.

5. Do what fuels and feeds your soul. Consciously choose to do things that bring you joy and provides a much needed break from the everyday tasks.

6. Live your passion. It's never too late to start living a purposeful life.

7. Focus on what matters. Do not dwell on the negative or let things beyond your control eat away at your soul.

8. Be a blessing to others. Give joyfully, be a shoulder to cry on and when needed uplift and encourage others (whether it be a friend, family member, child, co-worker or stranger). Your unique life story, experiences and lessons learned can be a source of hope and inspiration to others.

9. Have a spirit of gratitude. Say thank you and show that you are grateful for the people, situations and things that are pertinent to your life, joy and well-being.

10. Love wholeheartedly. Tomorrow isn't promised, never be afraid or ashamed to say I love you, show affection and treat others with love.

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  1. Whenever I travel, I always make sure that I am present physically and mentally... meaning I don't want to be distracted by my phones. I like absorbing the moment with my memory, and when I'm satisfied my camera next.

  2. These are so true. Being present in the moment is one of my favourite tips. With the distraction of social media, many people forget to live in the moment. Nice write up.

  3. This is a great reminder. Life is short and amd time ticks, we must live and enjoy each moment of it.

  4. I agree with this! Life is short always do the things that makes you feel happy and always for the current :)

  5. Great reminders. Sometimes you have to stop and enjoy!

  6. These are great tips. Right on the money too!

  7. I journal daily so I have a daily reminder and I have learned to be in the moment once more.

  8. So very true! It was just yesterday that I was binge watching a series and the same thing was said by a character in it. I guess I am being told for this.


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