25 Fabulous Ways To Wear Leopard

Style Edit: 25 Fabulous Ways To Wear Leopard.

Leopard print is a major style trend this year and it's the perfect way to jazz up your outfits during the fall and winter seasons. Whether you choose to go bold with a leopard coat or prefer the less is more look with a classic leopard scarf or belt, one thing's for sure leopard print is here to stay!

If you are ready for a seasonal style update, looking for an easy way to jazz up your everyday style, need outfit ideas for work or you are on the hunt for the perfect cocktail or evening dress for upcoming celebrations then read on to discover 25 fabulous ways to wear leopard that won't break the bank!

Editor's Take on the leopard print style trend:

Question: Are you a bold in leopard trendsetter or do you take a more subtle approach when adding leopard print to your personal style?

There's just something about leopard and I love that it has made such a fabulous come back. I've always worn leopard print even when it was not trendy to do so. I took a minimalist approach then, pairing a leopard camisole with a black blazer, jazzing up a little black dress with leopard heels or accessorizing with a leopard scarf tied to my handbag. Now that leopard print is the season's must-wear trend, I've added a few more items like a beautiful leopard handbag and a headband similar to Look 16 below.

Read on for 25 ways to look fabulous in leopard plus more tips from our editor on how to style your leopard pieces below.

Leopard Outerwear:

Look 1: Leopard Print Fuzzy Coat. $36 Get it here

Look 2: Leopard Teddy Vest Coat $23. Get it here

Look 3Leopard Print Teddy Coat $28. Get it here

Leopard Office Wear:

Look 4: Leopard Cuff and Hem Blazer $27. Get it here

Look 5: Gathered Sleeve Leopard Blazer $23. Get it here

Look 6: Black Blazer with Leopard Cuff $18. Get it here

Look 7: Leopard Graphic Pants $14. Get it here

Leopard Casual Wear:

Look 8: Leopard sweatshirt with v-cut back $14. Get it here

Look 9: Black and white Leopard Cardigan $27. Get it here

Look 10: Leopard Jumpsuit $17. Get it here 

Look 11: Leopard Cardigan with Pockets $26. Get it here

Look 12: Leopard Bomber Jacket $17. Get it here

Leopard Dresses:

Look 13: Leopard Asymmetrical Wrap Dress $22. Get it here

Look 14: Black Leopard Dress $15. Get it here

Look 15: Leopard Wrap Dress Plus Size $25. Get it here

Leopard Hair Accessories:

Look 16: Leopard Knot Headband $2. Get it here

Look 17: Leopard Scrunchie Scarf $3. Get it here

Look 18: Leopard Bakerboy Hat $6. Get it here

Leopard Shoes and Bags:

 Look 19: Faux Fur Leopard Bag $14. Get it here

Look 20: Leopard Booties $29. Get it here

Leopard Jewelry and Accessories:

Look 21: 14K Crystal Leopard White Black Yellow Earrings $39.78. Get it here

Look 22: Leopard Heart Buckle Belt $4. Get it here

Look 23: Thin Leopard Print Belt $3. Get it here

Look 24: Leopard Fringe Scarf $12. Get it here

Look 25: Leopard Trim Gloves $6. Get it here

Editor's Take:

Question: Which leopard print fashion or accessory featured in this article is your favorite and why?

I couldn't pick just one so here are my top five:

Look 1: This leopard coat has the perfect print size and shading and makes a fabulous statement.

Look 9: The fuzzy leopard cardigan looks so comfy-cozy. It's a  must-have for frosty days!

Look 21: The leopard gold and crystal studs are stunning! They add the perfect touch of glamour.

Look 23: A thin leopard belt is a stylish way to accessorize a sweater dress or LBD.

Look 25: These chic leopard trimmed gloves are perfect for keeping your fingers toasty warm.

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