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Earlier this year we celebrated nine years in the blogging and social media influence industries and now we are capping of this milestone with our luxe website makeover and re-branding. Below we are revealing more about the new in a Q&A style article that will provide insight into our vision for Lush Fab Glam and how you and the women in your lives can all benefit from it.

What is Lush Fab Glam?

Lush Fab Glam is a lifestyle website and online community that inspires women, celebrates womanhood and helps women from all walks of life to discover and embrace their lush, fabulous and glamorous minds, hearts, bodies and personalities.

We encourage the Lush Fab Glam woman to live a well-rounded lifestyle and to embrace people, places, ideals and things that reflect and enhance her best self, her authentic self and reveals her true, natural essence.

Why was Lush Fab Glam created?

Lush Fab Glam was launched by our founder MJ in early 2010 when her web search for inspirational, informative and entertaining stories with substance came up short. It was difficult to find websites that were well rounded with one-stop access to both beautiful and budget-friendly fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips that embraced and represented women from all walks of life.

She set out to fill that gap and created Lush Fab Glam to be the go-to site where women of diverse backgrounds can take a break from their hectic schedules and easily discover extraordinary tips and inspiration to create their version of the lush fab glam life.

Who is the Lush Fab Glam Woman?

At we celebrate the fact that we are all beautiful, intelligent, driven, creative, dynamic, thoughtful, graceful and all around fabulous women. As we embrace our roles as, mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, lovers, friends, girl bosses and so much more.

As Lush Fab Glam women we are always challenging ourselves, discovering, learning and excelling to new heights. While passionately finding and creating purpose in our life and in the lives of the women that we have the honor to reach in their homes, work place and wherever our journey to inspire, raise awareness, spread happiness and love takes us.

When are Lush Fab Glam articles published?

At Lush Fab Glam we write and publish weekly articles that provide inspiration and tips to help women get through life's stages with poise, grace, confidence and gratitude. You can stay updated on our new articles by joining our VIP family to receive access to our free weekly email newsletter. Click here to subscribe so you won't miss out on the fabulous content we have in store.

Where else can I discover Lush Fab Glam content?

We encourage you to visit our website to discover, learn and be inspired by the articles, tips and ideas that we share weekly. We would love if you would visit and give us a like, comment or follow on your favorite social media networks, where we feature photos, videos and share inspiring content.

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