The Ultimate Back To School Guide

Fabulous Dorm Room Decor Tips and Essentials.

In just a few short weeks the new school year and semester starts up for thousands of college and university students. For first year students especially the excitement and anxiety of living home and heading out on their own can be overwhelming. Especially when home will be a small shared dorm room or one bedroom space. Creating a space that is warm, inviting, relaxing and making it an environment that excites and motivates you to excel is extremely important... Read More

25 Tips For A Stress Free Back To School.

The summer season is flying by and while we are enjoying fun family adventures and watching the kids make the most of their summer break, the time to start preparing for back to school has arrived. A little head start and implementing a few smart tips will help to make back to school a stress-free experience for everyone... Read More

Back To School Time Saving Tips.

Being a parent has it's challenges and it is always rewarding when someone recognizes your effort, the time we put in, the hard work we do and most importantly how even in the moments when we are totally exhausted and have nothing else to give we somehow find the strength to wake up, love and care for our children. Below are a few tips to help make back to school and everyday life a little less hectic and save you time so you can spend it with the ones who matter most, family! Read More

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