Getting Rid of Body Hair the Laser or IPL Way

Beauty 101: Effective Tips For Getting Rid of Body Hair.

The warm seasons are our favorite time of year because we get to toss the layers and show of our glowing skin. The hassle however that comes with continually having to get rid of our body hair, so we can wear our beautiful spring dresses and summer bikinis is less than glamorous and a rather tedious task. Which is why we are exploring easier and more effective hair removal techniques in this Beauty 101 article. Read on to discover more...

There are a lot of ways to remove body hair. Perhaps the most common is the at-home method of shaving it away. But what happens when the hair is in a place you have difficulty reaching or seeing? Even if you can reach, what do you do when you are tired of having to shave hair away every few days because it grows back so fast? Intense pulsed light (IPL) or laser hair removal treatment might be the solution.

The Benefits of Using Laser and IPL Treatments

Using laser and IPL treatments to remove unwanted hair are convenient for several reasons:

1. At the top of the list is the ability of both treatments to treat entire hair strands. 

You may not realize exactly how far below the surface your hair extends down to its root. That root, called the follicle, and most of the actual hair shaft are untouched by shaving because they are under your skin. Since the shaft of each hair remains just below the surface, it regrows rapidly to a point where it is visible again.

2. In addition to treating entire hairs for maximum time between regrowth, laser and light treatments are also fast. 

There are laser hair removal machines for sale by manufacturers today that can remove unwanted hair in seconds, if it is only a small area you want to treat. Even a larger area should take no more than an hour for treatment. Although, each treatment only weakens the hair. It doesn't remove the hair on the spot. So, you will need several appointments. After you complete them, your hair may not regrow for weeks. In some cases hair takes months to return after treatment or does not return at all, but such results are unpredictable and inconsistent.

3. Another reason to love laser hair removal is it can save you embarrassing moments
For example, if you try to shave a large patch of unwanted hair at home, you might miss several strands. You may not notice until later, such as when at the beach with friends.

A laser however is calibrated to locate and treat every hair within the location on your body you specify, such as your back or bikini line. It does not miss any hairs like shaving or some other treatments. IPL, while a bit weaker than laser treatment, is also more accurate than some other hair removal techniques.

Laser Hair Removal and Your Comfort Level During the Procedure.

One of the reasons you may be reluctant to have laser hair removal is fear of pain. Part of the point of the procedure is to use light and heat in combination. However, the heat is offset by cooling or numbing treatments provided by your clinician at intervals during the procedure. Therefore, your discomfort should be minimized.

There is a small risk of burns, but typically those only occur if your skin is excessively oily or if you apply products like perfumes to it before your procedure. Your clinician will let you know what products to avoid and make sure your skin meets the rules for candidacy before your first treatment to minimize those risks.

In addition to oily skin, your clinician may recommend against laser hair removal for a few other reasons. For example, you might have eczema or acne, which could be aggravated by laser procedures. 

Now that you've learned the pros and cons of laser and IPL treatment, if you are a good candidate, it is certainly worth considering and becoming your go-to body hair removal technique. We especially love the fact that the delayed regrowth of your hair after treatment will free up the time you would otherwise spend waxing or shaving. Which leaves you free to do more of the things that you really enjoy, while flaunting your silky, smooth, hair-free skin.

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