Clever Closet Organization Ideas

12 Clever Closet Organization Ideas.

It can be a challenge to keep our closet organized and clothes beautifully arranged as the seasons change since through out the year we have to continuously switch up our wardrobe for more weather and temperature appropriate ones.

Today we are sharing twelve clever closet organization ideas that will help keep your clothes well-organized and reduce the stress and hassle of getting dressed, especially in the early hours of the morning. While also making it easier to find the things you need quickly. These include creative layouts, unique arrangement solutions and the tricks of the trade when it comes to optimal organization for your home closet. 

1. Create His and Hers Spaces

If you don’t already have things separated like this, then there’s little doubt that your closet is unnecessarily cluttered. By cordoning off a larger closet into two zones, you now have an automatically arranged space with designated shelves. The entire space will become a lot easier to navigate and you can get creative by adding “His” and “Hers” signs.

2. Install a Vanity Mirror

Mirrors make spaces look bigger; in additional to their usual utility. Use a power drill and plastic to install a hook in the wall of the closet directly facing you. It;s also a clever idea to maximize otherwise unused space by adding hooks to hang your jewelry, scarves and handbags too.

3. Add Multiple Hanging Levels

Most closets have a single hanging level for your clothing. Create another hanging level to maximize the remaining vertical space - there’s almost always enough for one more level. Then arrange your clothes by hanging your shirts and tops on the higher closet rod and place your pants and skirts on the bottom rod.

4. Make Creative Use of Coat Racks

Almost everyone eventually runs out of closet space; this is where inventive use of coat racks can come into play. Use your creativity to create a fashionable display with coat racks.

5. Add A Laundry Basket Drawer System

Laundry baskets can have many uses - why not consider them as storage? After all, they already function to store both dirty clothes and laundered clothing; you can create additional storage area by placing seasonal pieces like sweaters and scarves or even your small purses and handbags inside a beautiful wicker or handcrafted laundry basket.

6. Add Additional Closet Shelving

Closet space can be limited which is why it's important to ensure that you are putting all the available to good use. For example by Adding extra shelves, you can take advantage of the otherwise empty space between the end of your hanging pants and your shoes on the ground. You can also add shelves above your hanging shirts to create storage for displaying your bags or to place folded jeans and sweaters.

7. Install Fashionable Knobs

If you do not have enough space for extra shelves in your closet, consider adding knobs. You can hang your scarves, bracelets and necklaces on them. Knobs can also be used to hang, hats, belts and neckties.

8. It's All About The Details

Take an inventory of your closet space to discover any spaces that are not being used efficiently, or to find details you overlooked the first time. Is there room for a bin for shoe storage, for example? Or a rack that can take advantage of increased vertical space for shoe storage?

9. Add Pegboard Mounting

This is especially useful if you have children; their closet can hold a surprising number of their small clothes and shoes once you have a pegboard installed in the back. Colorful bins at the bottom of their closet could serve as additional storage for their toys, too.

10. Convert to a Walk-In Closet

This is a bit of a luxury and requires sufficient room - but if you can pull it off, it will do wonders for your storage options. If there is a smaller room in your home that’s unused, then it's the perfect space for installing hanging rods, shelves and even a large armoir, ottoman or chair.

11. Utilize Cubbies

You can’t beat adding cubbies to your shelves - they provide a sense of exclusivity for your collections of shirts, pants, hats and other accessories. They keep the place organized, and even provide more room by sectioning off specific areas to make that favorite top easy to find.

12. Color Co-ordinate

More than any other change, color coordinating your clothes is an easy and inexpensive way to upgrade the look of your closet space. Arrange all clothes by color and shade, and you’ll appreciate not only the new look but how easily accessible your clothes, shoes and accessories will be. Click here for more tips to help you create a fabulous and organized closet.

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