Top 5 Wedding Trends To Follow

Fabulous Weddings: Top 5 Wedding Trends To Follow.

Getting married is one of the biggest events in anyone’s life. This is why we plan out our weddings so meticulously; ensuring that we get the best venue, caterers, and why bride's go on the hunt for the best wedding dresses, bridal gowns and wedding gowns to make their wedding day as spectacular as they always dreamed it would be.

Where you get married also strongly influences the type of wedding you will have, since you have to consider the weather, temperature, landscape and views. When you get married in a certain region, you also want to follow the current wedding trends. Read on to discover five fabulous wedding trends that you should definitely consider as you plan for your big day and honeymoon...

1. No Matching Is Needed

In keeping with the spirit of semi-formality and casualness, you can also make your wedding planning a bit more flexible. For instance, not all the bridesmaids have to wear matching clothes. They can simply choose the dresses that they feel comfortable and presentable in. This will make for colorful pictures and make sure that everyone is having a good time.

The same goes for the rest of the wedding guests. Gone are the days when everything must be strictly planned down to a tee. While weddings like that do happen, it’s just more fun and more logical to have a wedding where everyone is wearing something to their own taste. This way, it becomes more of a party than a formal event.

2. Going Semi-formal Just Got Cooler

Once married, there’s nothing more fun than having the newlyweds let their hair down a little. A wedding is an event everyone looks forward to, but can also be quite stressful.

In fact, only around one in ten couples getting married have an indoor wedding anymore. Outdoor weddings are all the rage; they’re beautiful, memorable, and you can invite more guests. 

There is also plenty of room to dance and have the time of your life as newlyweds on the beach, in a park, or even at a beautiful garden.

There is no need to be so formal and uptight, especially when you’ve just been hitched! Get a bike, cover it with flowers, and depart in a flurry of rice and rose petals.

3. Local Traditions Are Making Waves

Let’s take Washington DC as an example. DC is nothing if not ethnically diverse. The families of the bride and groom may have their own traditions, so it makes sense to incorporate both into the ceremony.

Of course, there are some traditions that should be followed just because they’re DC’s very own specialty. For instance, you may want to get your newlywed pictures taken under the blossoming cherry trees, or near the landmarks DC is famous for.

4. Honeymoon Plans Are Flexible

More and more modern young couples are planning to either postpone their honeymoon or choose one of the budgeted honeymoon destinations. It does make a lot of sense; in the first year of marriage, the newlywed couple plans to have several quick, relatively cheap getaways instead of a two-week or month-long vacation all at once.

This enables the couple to keep working without having to take too long a break. Plus it provides an opportunity to plan additional vacations as a couple instead of mourning the honeymoon as being over all too soon. For cheap and quick vacations, you can invest in honeymoon registry travel. There are several affordable packages that can help you travel on a budget.

5. Social Media Is The Rage

Of course, a wedding wouldn’t be complete without photos, videos, and stories being uploaded on several social media platforms. Newlyweds are now getting their own wedding hashtags and constantly reliving their wedding while engaging with the content their guests post from their wedding day on Instagram and Facebook.

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