Tips For A Fabulous Organized Family Room

Organizing 101: Ten Tips For A Fabulous and Organized Family Room.

The family room is one of the most used spaces in the home, in fact for many families it is the heart of the home, where they gather together to catch up, relax and unwind at the end of a long day. It's also the main room where family and friends are entertained on game night, movie night and kids play dates, which is why it's important to have a properly laid out and organized family room that is functional, comfortable and a space that everyone can enjoy spending time in.

Read on to discover the helpful tips and home hacks that we have shared below to help you create a beautiful, clutter-free and organized space for your family.  

How To Solve Tricky Layouts:

Whether you have a big family or a family room that serves multiple purposes (for example TV room, play room and home office). You can use the ideas below to create a family room that is still fun and functional despite the setbacks of it's size and/or shape. These hacks include;

Tip 1. Sofa Sleeve: A sofa sleeve is a great place to rest drinks, remote controls or a book, it's the perfect solution for a small family room with limited or no space for side tables.

Tip 2. Sofa Table: To create extra storage or room for decor place a skinny table behind your sofa. This allows you to make use of typically unused space and creates additional table-top space that can be used to display lamps, decor, family photos, store remotes and to place drinks and snacks on when entertaining.

Place a small table behind your sofa to create additional table-top and hidden storage space beneath the table or in drawers.

Tip 3. Nesting Board Game Tables: This hack will give your family ample space to play fun games together while creating lasting memories. If you love games like chess or tic-tac-toe, nesting tables with board games printed on top are the ideal way to keep them within reach. It also reduces clutter since there is no need to find storage space for your games once you are done playing.

How To Add Hidden Storage:

The addition of strategically hidden storage areas in your family room not only allows for proper organization it also makes it more functional and suitable to your family needs. Hidden storage areas also allow for a less messy family room. Some of the hacks for creating hidden storage include;

Tip 4. Rolling storage Ottoman: This is a good choice for a coffee table and it's also kid-friendly. It can be used to store DVDs, blankets, extra pillows, magazines and it has wheels that make it easily mobile, which is great for cleaning day.

Tip 5. Rolling Storage Seat: Is essential for large families who not only need extra storage but also extra seating. They are also mobile and can easily be moved from one room to another (for example from the family room to dining room) when extra seats are needed.

Tip 6. Crate storage Ottoman: Is another great solution for quickly and easily storing knickknacks, kids toys and miscellaneous items that may otherwise create a messy pile in your family room.

How To Declutter and Organize Miscellaneous Items:

Having miscellaneous items scattered throughout can make your home appear cluttered and disorganized. They add up quickly and can turn your space into a hoarders nest. The tips below will help to keep your family room clutter-free and organized.

Tip 7. Magazine Holders: are perfect for easily storing magazines, newspapers and books in a way that is easily accessible.

Tip 8. Remote Controls: In order to keep TV and gaming remotes from disappearing, simply place them in  a decorative box that is kept on the coffee table, side table or on a bookcase.

Tip 9. Kids Toys: Is the family room overrun with your children's toys and books? Whether your family room doubles as the official kids playroom or has become a dumping ground for everything from their building blocks, to stuffed animals. Keeping baskets or decorative boxes with lids tucked beneath your coffee, table, side tables or on nearby bookshelves is the ideal way to easily tidy up before guests arrive.

Place decorative boxes below your coffee table to create additional storage.

Tip 10. Blankets: The late fall, winter and early spring seasons are known for being rather nippy. Most families stay warm and cozy by bundling up in blankets and sipping on a hot cup of tea or cocoa, while watching TV or playing games in the family room. You can keep your blankets neatly tucked away in a beautiful basket right next to your sofa or fireplace so they can be easy to access and put away.

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