World Refugee Day Keep Families Together

World Refugee Day & Keeping Families Together.

It's World Refugee Day and we are honored to partner with our fellow Clever bloggers and Amnesty International to bring attention to an ongoing human rights crisis, and we need your help to not only spread awareness but to take meaningful action that will help bring about change and make a difference in the lives of the men, women and children affected by the Zero Tolerance Policy at the US southern borders.

The Human Rights Issue:

Right now, the U.S. government is forcibly separating families seeking safety in the U.S. These families are fleeing persecution and horrific violence, often from Central America. Instead of being able to ask for asylum with dignity and security, they are treated cruelly. Children are taken from their parents at the border and put into government-run shelters, often hundreds of miles away from their parents, even when they had documentation proving their relationship to their children.  

Read on to see how you can help reunite these families.  It only takes 5 minutes or less of your time to show that you care.

The Proposed Solution:

On Thursday, June 21, the House of Representatives will vote on the Keep Families Together Act. Now is our chance to put an end to inhumane Family Separation.

While the news just came out that President Trump signed an executive order ending family separation, the order will not end the administration’s zero tolerance policy, neither have any plans been laid out to reunite the 2000 plus children already separated from their parents, so we still need your help pushing the Thursday vote in Congress.

How You Can Help:

Make your voice heard before the House of Representatives cast their vote on Thursday June 21st, 2018. Join Amnesty International and tell your Member of Congress to stop family separation by calling 1-844-797-4602 or send your petition message through Amnesty International's Stop Separating Families page. Most importantly share this link and phone number with family, friends and co-workers so they can make their voices heard too.

It takes less than five minutes to make the call or fill out the form. Do it now, do it with love, compassion and empathy. Do it so that when you look back on history, you can say that;

When presented with the choice 
to fight for the rights of children, 
to fight for the values of family, 
to fight for the rights of humanity.
 I choose to fight
because I choose love.

-Quote by Lush Fab Glam Founder, MJ-

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