High-End Beauty Products For Less

Beauty Spotlight: High-End Beauty Products For Less At the RealReal.

There is a revolution in beauty coming about and The RealReal is blazing the trail for innovative companies to follow. Not only has it revolutionized what the term “resale” means when it comes to previously-worn clothing, but the company has found a way to make the most luxurious brands in the fashion industry available at reduced costs and now they are doing the same for high-end beauty products!

The RealReal currently has one traditional, physical location in Manhattan’s ultra-chic SoHo district. It also has a pop-up location in Las Vegas that has become a prime destination for Las Vegas’s fashion elite as well as visitors to the city. However, the company is focused mainly on the breadth of its online retail offerings of the resale of high-end clothing. The demand for luxury fashion will always be there and people are looking for a highly digital experience and many want the best names in fashion without paying the full price!

While the offering of resale luxury fashion will always be the heart of what the company wants to offer its clients, the team made the big news recently that they are now moving into the role of offering luxury beauty products including, skin care products, fragrance, nail lacquers etc.

These beauty products will be in line with RealReal’s overall goals of providing the highest quality of products available at a more modest price. Similar with their luxury clothing, each beauty item will be meticulously audited by an in-house team to determine its authenticity and that it is truly the highest quality available.

The offering of luxury beauty products is a major step for The RealReal. It shows that not only has the company’s initial concept of the resale of luxury clothing a massive success, but that the door has been opened for the company to sell everything from lifestyle products, to home goods and beyond.

According to the company’s founder and chief merchandiser, the entire real team is thrilled to grow the roll-out of beauty products to an even larger capacity because of consumer demand. However, the goal of RealReal has always been to provide only the best items to make sure that its consumers are not just satisfied, but that they become loyal members who will return again and again.

As for what you can expect from the RealReal in the future, their rollout of beauty products will be slow and steady, and the company will meticulously monitor customer feedback to every beauty product to ensure that the offerings continue to match it's customer’s desires.

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