10 Tips for Organizing Your Bathroom

Organizing 101: 10 Tips for Organizing Your Bathroom.

The bathroom is typically not the favorite room in the home and most homeowners dread having to clean it, but what if you can make your bathroom look like a spa and reduce the mess with a few simple tweaks and tricks?

Today we are sharing ten amazing home hacks and organizing tips that will transform your bathroom into the cleanest room in your home and the best part is you don't have to go on a massive shopping spree or undergo a time consuming and costly renovation to get your bathroom looking tidy, welcoming and relaxing. Read on to discover the latest tips in our Organizing 101 series...

1. Store your hair tools in travel containers:
Small bathroom tools and hair accessories like clips and bobby pins can be hard to organize. Use travel size containers to store these accessories and keep them in order. Using clear containers will make them easier to organize and find when needed.

2. Put your toilet paper rolls in a basket:

Rather than cluttering your bathroom with a pack of toilet paper, organize them neatly into a basket that you can place inside your bathroom vanity or beside the toilet.

3. Hang your towels on a ladder or roll them in a basket:

If you have more than one towel, an ideal way to put them in a compact space is to use a ladder. Place your ladder against the bathroom wall and use rungs to hang your towels. Alternatively you can roll them up and place them in a basket to create a spa or hotel aesthetic.

4. Arrange your drawers and shelves using flower pots and bins:

To create dedicated storage space and a more organized look in your bathroom vanity drawers, use flower pots, vases and dollar store bins or baskets. This simple step will go a long way in helping to reduce daily clutter.


5. Hang baskets over the toilet:

The space directly above the toilet often goes unused and wasted space is not an option especially if you have a small bathroom. Use the space directly above your toilet for additional storage by placing items in baskets that you can easily hang up with ribbons.  This is a perfect spot to store body lotions, combs and hair brushes etc.

6. Clean up under the sink using a sliding organizer:

A slide-out mesh basket is a must have for every organizing junkie. Do not use non-visible or cluttered storage. Place the slide out mesh basket under the sink where you can see it and access it without any problem. If you only put what’s important in the basket, then you will have gotten rid of clutter and ensure your bathroom is tidy.

7. Place your bath toys in baskets:

Moms know that bath time is a fun and active playtime for kids and that means lots of water toys that you will need ample space to store. You can install a horizontal rod on the wall near your bathtub and hang water-proof baskets using shower hooks from it. Now you have the perfect storage space for bath toys that are easy for your kids to reach and easy for you to clean up when bath time is done.

8. Beautify your medicine cabinet:

Use a colorful wrapping paper to add a touch of elegance and beauty to the background of the medicine cabinet. Next, take your bathroom tools and place them into matching containers with special labels. You can stock your essential oils, body sprays, and lotions and put markers on them. This will not only ensure your items are properly stored but also that your bathroom remains clutter-free and clean.

9. Place skin and hair care products in matching bottles:

Add a spa like feel to your bathroom by placing shower essentials such as shampoo, body wash, and conditioners should in matching bottles. For instance, you can opt for the spa-friendly color blue. This will add a relaxing appeal and make your early morning showers and end of day baths more luxurious.

10. Consider Mason jars for wall storage:

There is often over looked space that can be used for storage on the side of your bathroom vanity. Secure your mason jars with hose clamps and board them on the wall. This is an ideal and affordable option for storing your makeup brushes, toothbrushes as well as nail scissors.

Bonus Tip:
Your bathroom should be a calming space that you can unwind and relax in at the end of a long day, not a stressful space. Using the proper organization techniques like the bathroom hacks above, combined with the perfect storage solutions like bins, baskets, and jars etc will help you to easily reduce the mess, manage the clutter and create a clean, welcoming space.

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