Success Tips From Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere

Girl Boss: Success Tips From Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere.

Today we are 'in the interview chair' with Lime Crime founder, Doe Deere, who is known for her unique hair style and make up choices. Thanks to a high number of different color combinations, she has seen her company make an impact in the fashion and beauty industries and she is excited about the opening of the Feelunique X Lime Crime store in London.

Read on to see the helpful tips she shares about being an entrepreneur, creating and running a successful business, what she considers the keys to success and what the future holds for her company Lime Crime...

On Running A Vegan and Animal Cruelty Free Beauty Company
Deere is proud of the fact that Lime Crime is completely vegan. According to a recent Racked article she said that the company's policy is a reflection of her personal feelings on animal cruelty and that in order to help the company's vision align with her feelings, the company does a lot of animal related charity work.

On Her Company's Key To Success:
Deere believes that the key to her company's success is their line of unique products, because there are so many different colors, which allows her company to stand out from the competition in a crowded market.

She says it's all about creating a unique look and that creating each palette is like telling a story. She formulates a lot of the products, but she also relies on her team. This additional input from the team ensures that the formulations are perfect. In fact one of the company policies is that they will not make a product unless they are 100% sure that it will be successful.

On Achieving Success Through Marketing
Deere says that the success of their palette and other products is due to their marketing efforts, as well as packaging and that social media is an important tool to use due to the amount of self-expression that it gives people.

On Success Through Social Media 
She says that a lot of products are created based on customer feedback and that social media allows the company to interact with their customers and also receive important feedback.

On Packaging For Success
She also thinks that packaging is important because it helps promote the value of the product.

On Keeping Customers In The Loop
Deere says that it is important to keep customers informed about any new developments within the company. For example, customers can find out product information before it launches so that they can share in the excitement of the developmental stages.

On The Topic Of Entrepreneurship
Deere says that making mistakes allowed her to grow and become successful. People learn more about themselves when they overcome adversity. She says that the key to becoming a successful entrepreneur is having the ability to evolve and find ways to create innovative products.

On Looking Ahead To The future
Doe Deere says that she will continue to promote hair dye as a form of self expression. She is a fan of hair dye, has been dyeing her hair for over 5 years and thinks that hair dye is another way for people to express their individuality.

Deere also has her eye on implementing different shades of lavender, lilac, and purple and some of her company's exciting new product launches include the Venus 2 and Venus XL.

Lessons from this Girl Boss interview:

1. Mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow.

2.  To be successful you must evolve and innovate.

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