Tips For Gifting Jewelry By Occasion

The Art Of Gifting: Tips For Gifting Jewelry By Occasion.

If you have a lady in your life, regardless of age, jewelry is always a fabulous gift idea! However it can be hard to gauge what type of jewelry is appropriate to gift for different occasions. For starters when gifting jewelry always take into account the maturity of the recipient and the level of your relationship with them. For example, you may not want to invest in diamonds for a relatively new romantic relationship or as a gift to a young child.
Read on to discover helpful gifting etiquette, advice and tips that will help you to master the art of gifting and make the process of choosing the right piece of jewelry and the perfect occasion to give it, easier for you; the giver, while creating a heart-warming and unforgettable experience for the gift receiver...

1. Younger Girl’s Birthday Gift:

Whether it is a regular birthday or a sweet sixteen birthday, jewelry is a great gift. The age of the girl should be considered when purchasing. If she is between 5-10 years old, an inexpensive pair of birthstone earrings is a great gift.

A sweet sixteen gift should be more expensive and of higher quality. This is the time to introduce her into diamonds with a pendant necklace or a right hand ring.

2. Mother’s Day Gift:

Mother’s Day is a perfect time for gifting jewelry, whether you choose to give her earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, or a ring opt for a timeless piece that she will love and wear. The price is also very flexible.

Birthstone jewelry is a great option as a Mother's Day gift for two reasons, price and meaning. Birthstone jewelry are affordable and mom will be proud to display a symbol of each of her children in a stylish way.

3. Anniversary Gift:

Gifting for relationship anniversaries should depend on the length of time that you have been married. For example if it's within the first three years since your wedding day, it is best to choose earrings or a necklace since her engagement and wedding rings are still new and it will be hard to compete their wow factor.

You may want to check her jewelry box to see the types of jewelry she already owns and get a feel for what she likes, while avoiding the faux pas of getting a similar piece to what she already owns.

If it has been longer than three years of marriage, then a luxe fashion ring  is a fabulous choice! There are tons of designs to choose from and since it's a right hand ring it can be any color or shape.

4. Valentine’s Day Gift:

Valentine's Day is one of the most popular times to propose. So if your relationship is at that stage then a diamond engagement ring is an obvious choice.

However if you are only in the early stages of your relationship or not ready for that level of commitment just yet. Then you may want to choose a jewelry piece like a necklace or bracelet that is packaged in a large square or rectangular jewelry box to avoid sending the wrong message, confusing or disappointing your valentine.

Jewelry that features a heart is a great choice, since a heart-shaped piece offers less of a commitment than a diamond but still connotes your affection for them.

If you have only been dating for a short period of time and have not expressed your mutual affections of love for each other then a beautiful Swarovski Crystal jewelry piece is a better gift option than diamonds.

5. Just Because Gift:

If you are buying a gift just because, then you can purchase just about anything. The choice to go with an inexpensive or more timeless and pricey piece jewelry is really up to you and your relationship with the recipient. Keep in mind that a more high-end jewelry piece conveys a more serious and committed attitude towards the relationship.

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