Boost Your Blog Income With Influencer Agencies

Girl Boss: How To Boost Your Blog Income With Influencer Agencies.

In this latest article from our Girl Boss series we are sharing one of the keys to our success that not only increased our readership but also significantly boosted our blogging income!

If you want to make money as a social media influencer, online influencer or blogger and we're not referring to pay-per-click or pay-per-sale commissions but rather being lucratively paid to write engaging content or to create dynamic videos or to showcase appealing photos that feature the products of the companies and brands you partner with, then you don't want to miss the tips below!

Read on to discover the top reasons why you should join Influencer Marketing Agencies and how they can boost the income you make from your blog, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat,  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and your other social media pages...

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Join Influencer Agencies

1. Signing up for most blogging agencies is relatively easy and simply requires you to provide basic details about your blog like the URL, blog niche, website and social media stats as well as a bit about you, the blogger.

2. Influencer Agencies contact you with opportunities by email and text when they have a client whose advertising requirements are a good fit for your blog, while others send out emails with a list of opportunities that you can choose to apply for. All you have to do is sign up for their email newsletter or choose to be notified when opportunities are available and then sit back and watch the opportunities to earn money arrive in your inbox almost daily.

3. More time to focus on the content that you create and growing your online community rather than chasing after brands. We love having the option of working with clients through an Influencer Agency because it gives us the freedom to focus on the content that we create, while the agency does the work of finding and pitching potential clients and ensuring that payments are received on time etc.

4. Most big brands use Influencer Agencies to find influencers to partner with. Influencer Agencies act like middlemen and link bloggers with brands and businesses that are in need of their services.  Most well known brands use influencer agencies and rely on them to find the most suitable bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers to promote their products. The potential and opportunities are limitless so this is an option that you should definitely utilize if you want to be a successful income earning blogger or online influencer.

5. Freedom to set your own rates: Most Influencer Agencies allow you to set the payment rate that you are willing to accept to work with brands. Others give you the option to bid based on your audience reach and engagement, while other agencies have a set rate and you can decide whether or not you are willing to take part in a marketing campaign based on the compensation that is offered.

6. Freedom to choose which brands to work with: Whether you join agencies that allow you to apply to participate in brand campaigns, send in your compensation bid or where you are pre-selected because your blog and social pages meet the right criteria for that campaign. You still have the freedom to choose which brands to partner with and which campaigns to participate in based on whether they are a good fit for your blog and your own branding message etc.

This is a luxury not afforded to you if you were for example a brand ambassador with a pre-signed contract that requires you to market that brand and it's products or services over a longer period of time (anywhere from a few months to a year), regardless of whether or not you still want to or agree with their overall branded  message. You would also not be able to partner or work with their competitors during that time period, which means you would miss out on potential income earning opportunities.

7. Get free advice from experts about online marketing trends, learn about how changes to existing social media platforms will affect your blog and social pages, audience reach and more tips about the future of influencer marketing that you and your blog can benefit from by reading the newsletters and blog articles created by influencer agencies. They also provide up-to-date statistics about the benefits for businesses who partner with bloggers and online influencers that you can use in your media kit and email pitch to potential clients.

8. Great opportunity to connect with other bloggers and influencers: Working on campaigns through Influencer Agencies gives you the opportunity to collaborate with and support other bloggers who have also been recruited for that campaign. This is a great opportunity to connect with and to learn from other successful blogs and social media accounts and to gain insight into the other Marketing Agencies that they partner with that you may also want to join.

9. Increase your readership and pageviews:
One of the important things we noticed when partnering with influencer agencies to work on brand campaigns was the increase  in pageviews and engagement that we received on the content we created for that specific campaign. Influencer Agencies love highlighting and sharing blog posts that stand out from the rest as a benchmark for other other influencers to follow and the brand may also share your blog post and images on their own social pages and website, exposing your blog and content to a whole new audience and readership. That is most definitely a win-win.

10. Increase your blogging income:
We saved the best for last! Our top reason to join influencer agencies is because it is one of the most significant and one of the easiest ways to continuously boost your blog income, while also expanding your client portfolio. The payout for Influencer Agency campaigns can be in the thousands, in fact most micro-influencers accept no less than $300 to work on just one basic social media sharing campaign, while macro-influencers get paid between $5000 to $10,000 for a blog post and sharing on all their social channels. The greater your audience, fans and engagement, the greater the compensation you will receive for marketing campaigns.

Fab Tip: The world of blogging and influencer marketing can be very rewarding if you take the right steps  and apply the key success factors that we have shared with you above. Remember, that it's never too late to get on track and turn your blog and social media pages into successful ways to earn an income. 

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