5 Steps To A Clean and Organized Kitchen

Organizing 101: 5 Steps To A Clean & Organized Kitchen.

Today we continue our Organizing 101 series with the first article in our room by room guide to organizing where we provide tips to help you clean, declutter, organize and create proper storage for every room in your home.


We begin this part of the series with five steps to keep one of the most used rooms in your home,  the kitchen, beautiful and organized! A clean and organized kitchen is a game changer for families, not only will it make preparing meals easier but they will also taste better because they will be made from fresh, properly stored ingredients.

An organized kitchen will also help eliminate the problem of food being wasted because it expired or rotted in the back of your fridge and cupboards, which in turn helps you to save money on your grocery bills. Read on to see our easy and practical tips for keeping the most used spaces in your kitchen clean and properly organized...

Tip 1.  Organized Pantry:

Using clear/ glass storage jars and labeling spices, food jars, baking condiments etc. in your kitchen will reduce the time spent finding them and eliminate the problem of purchasing ingredients that you already have hidden in your kitchen pantry or cupboards.


Tip 2. Organized Food Shelves:

If you don't have a separate pantry room as shown above you can reserve a set of cupboards to store your food. Use the same storage ideas as shown above but on a smaller scale. For example use  mason jars to store foods like rice, beans pasta etc. and organize canned, packaged and snack foods into labeled baskets as shown below.


Tip 3: Organized Cupboards

When most people think about kitchen organization they typically focus on the kitchen pantry and food cupboards, but well organized glasses and dishware can also make your kitchen more functional. 

Start by separating the dishware and glasses for every day use from the ones that you reserve for family gatherings and entertaining. Cupboards with glass doors are perfect for displaying your beautiful glassware and dinnerware and will also make it easy for guests to find.


Tip 4. Organized Counter Tops:

A clean and functional kitchen is the dream of most home owners and clutter free counter tops are key to achieving this. Keep only the everyday essentials that you absolutely need on your counter tops, everything else can be neatly stored or tucked away into nearby cupboards. For example rather than keeping all of your spices next to your stove, keep it simple with basics like salt, pepper, oil and a cutting board. They are frequently used items that also add aesthetic appeal.


Tip 5. Organized Fridge:

The refrigerator is one of the most used appliances in the home and properly organizing your food and drinks into categories using clear containers, bottles and bins will help you eliminate waste, save money and ensure that your fridge is always stocked with fresh ingredients.


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