Fabulous Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

Fabulous Ways To Beat The Winter Blues.

It's about that time of the year when we complain about how long and cold the winter season has been, while day dreaming about sunny skies and warmer days. Thankfully the winter Olympics has provided tons of inspiration on how to beat the winter blues as well as fabulous ways to stay active, embrace and enjoy the winter season.

If you feel the winter blues setting in but want to avoid the expense of a winter getaway, opt for a stay-cation instead and try one of these winter activities that are perfect for romantic dates or fun-filled days enjoying the outdoors with family/ friends and fabulous adventures for thrill seekers.

1. Go Sleighing or Tobogganing:
It's free, it's exciting and it's fun for all ages. If you live in a winter region and you haven't been tobogganing, you're definitely missing out!

2. Go Skiing or Snow Boarding:
Both skiing and snow boarding are some of the most popular winter Olympic sports and if you get a thrill from simply watching the worlds best Olympians compete against each other, it's even more fun when you do it yourself. Plan a weekend getaway to a ski resort and benefit from the expert advice of ski instructors or simply have fun on the bunny hill.

3. Go Ice Skating:
Ice skating is a fun and romantic way to embrace the winter season and has been a favorite pastime of lovers for centuries.

4. Make A Snow Man or Snow Castle:
The time will pass by quickly and you will hardly feel the cold when you're having fun building a snow man or snow castle with friends and family. Get creative and style up your snow man or snow lady in the latest fashions for a fun twist.

5. Go For A Scenic Walk On A Snow Day:
Everything looks more beautiful when covered in glistening white snow. Fresh snowfall will transform even the most hideous neighborhoods into a beautiful winter wonderland. You can explore locally or head out to a national park to be memorized by the iridescent beauty of the winter season, simply put, winter plus nature is magical.

6. Have A Snow Ball Fight:
This is a wonderful winter activity, especially for families with young kids and the best part is that it doesn't require you to go any further than your backyard in order to enjoy a beautiful snow day.

7. Go Snowmobiling:
Snowmobiling through flat landscapes and winding forests is a fantastic winter activity for thrill seekers and speedsters that provides quite the rush and gets your adrenaline going.

8. Go Snowshoeing:
Staying active in the winter season can be challenging but strapping on your snow shoes and going for a walk through a winter wonderland is a great way to stay active.

9. Go Dog Sledding:
Enjoy a fun sled ride through the snow covered landscape and the guided tour with professional dog sledders. Most dog sledding activities include a thrilling sled ride, warm blankets and a hot cup of tea is also provided to keep it comfortable and fun.

10. Try Ice Swimming:
Whether you take a dip in a freezing lake or pool for charity or because you love extreme adventures. Ice Swimming is popular in many European countries and is touted for it's health benefits such as .. and it's quickly becoming a fad in North America as well.

11. Join A Winter Photography Club:
Winter is one of the most picturesque seasons and what better way to embrace it than joining a local photography club or group and visiting and photographing the most scenic icy landscape and snow covered mountains near you.

12. Go for a Tram Ride:
Even if you are not a fan of winter sports like skiing, that's no reason to miss out on all the fun you can have with a quick getaway to a ski resort. Take a ride up the mountain on a ski lift or tram to enjoy the breathtaking views of snow covered tree tops, mountain and watch the skiiers and snowboarders enjoying the slopes.

13. Take A Helicopter Ride:
Another fabulous way to enjoy the winter landscape is by taking a helicopter ride to the top of a mountain or glacier. Not only will you enjoy the thrill of riding in a helicopter but you will also get an incredible bird's eye view of the frosted white world below.

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