How To Make Money Blogging

GIRL BOSS: How To Make Money Blogging.

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After eight years in the business we can resolutely say that we love blogging! It's a creative outlet that we use to write about the things we love and to inspire others by sharing stories and ideas that we are passionate about.

Blogging is also a great way to raise awareness for the issues and causes we support and since we also have to pay the bills, blogging has become an effective way to make money online and be the Girl Boss of our own little corner of the world wide web.

In this Girl Boss series we will show you how to take your blog to the next level and share valuable tips that will first, help you to make money through your blog if you are just starting out and second, increase the income you make through blogging if you have been blogging for a while. Read on for these fab girl boss tips...

How To Make Money For New Bloggers

Tip 1. Become An Affiliate Partner

Applying to become an affiliate partner of brands with products that you love is a smart way to create passive income for your blog. By including affiliate text, image or video links within your blog posts in a seamless way that flows with your content, you are creating an avenue for your blog readers to purchase that item, while you earn a commission on their purchase.

One of the ways we include affiliate links in our beauty blog posts for example is by providing direct links to lipsticks, eye shadows etc. that our readers can use to re-create the gorgeous runway and red carpet makeup looks that we feature.

Tip 2. Become A Member Of Influencer Agencies

Influencer Agencies act like middlemen and link bloggers with brands and businesses that are in need of their services. Signing up for most Influencer agencies is relatively easy and simply requires you to provide basic details about your blog like your URL, blog niche, website and social media stats as well as a bit about you, the blogger. Some Influencer agencies contact you via email when they have a client whose advertising requirements are a good fit with your blog, while others send out emails with a list of opportunities that you can choose to apply for.

We love having the option of working with clients through a blogger agency because it gives us the freedom to focus on the content that we create, while the agency does the work of finding and pitching potential clients and ensuring that payments are received on time etc. Also most big name brands use Influencer agencies and rely on them to find the most suitable bloggers to promote their products, the potential and opportunities are limitless so this is an option that you should definitely utilize if you want to be a successful income earning blogger.

How To Increase Your Blogging Income

Tip 3.  Create Products To Sell To Your Readers

Blogging does not have to be your only online venture, in fact most bloggers use it as a way to promote other online businesses but why stretch yourself thin and burn out trying to manage multiple online businesses when you already have the perfect product: your blog content!

You already know your target market and where to find them (on your blog and social media pages). And you are already solving a problem that they have or providing something that they need with your content, which is why they became loyal blog readers and email subscribers. Now all that's left is to package the content you already provide in a way that's appealing and even more helpful to them. Like creating a Layflat photo book with Blurb to showcase your best photos, tips and ideas from your most popular blog posts!

Food bloggers can create a gorgeous layflat photo book that beautifully displays appetizing recipes. While travel bloggers can create a coffee table layflat photo book that showcases the spectacular landscapes and cultural photos from their travels. And home decor bloggers can inspire with their decorating for the seasons layflat photo book.

The possibilities are endless and Blurb makes it easy to upload your photos from your computer, smart phone or even Instagram and gives you total creative control. So you can create your fabulous layflat photo book, where your images will go from edge to edge without losing any part of the image in the center. Plus they can be sold on Blurb as well as on Amazon, making it accessible and easy for everyone and not just your readers to buy!

Tip 4. Pitch Your Blog To Businesses Directly

Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. Instead of waiting for businesses to come to you with blog advertising request, you should take the very lucrative step of reaching out to them with a great elevator pitch by email and include your media kit.

You will be surprised by how many companies are more than willing to collaborate and pay the rates that you request to be featured to your readers and social media followers. Especially since, it's more affordable for them to work directly with a blogger than to pay extra fees to blogger agencies or high advertising rates to online magazines.

Tip 5. Become A Brand Ambassador

Do you swear by a certain brand and unwittingly recommend it to your friends and family or have you featured it on your blog and social media without being compensated? Then you would be a perfect brand ambassador for that company or product!

Brand ambassadors work with the same company to promote their products or services on numerous occasions. Typically a contract is signed indicating that you will not work with their competitors during that time period but when you're promoting a product that you already love it's a no-brainer to get paid to talk and blog about them.

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