Help Dominica Hurricane Maria Relief and Recovery

Giving Back: Hurricane Maria Relief & Recovery.

The Caribbean island and people of Dominica, need YOU, they need your sympathy, your compassion, your love and most of all they need your help to simply survive in the weeks and months to come as the brutal heat of the sun beats down on what's left of a once lush and green island with an abundance of clean flowing rivers and a vibrant people filled with kindness and love.

Now hope is all they have, since they have lost everything, not just material comforts but their loved ones, family and friends who either perished or are still missing after the historic storm, Category 5 Hurricane Maria. We are asking you to join us in supplying life sustaining food, water and other basic essentials like providing shelter for children, the elderly, women, men and an entire nation severely affected by the ravages and destructive force of nature.

Through it all, as we hear the harrowing stories of their experience, watch their trauma, understand their sorrow, feel their pain. We also see their strength, their resilience, their resolve and their love for their homeland as they come together to help each other by sharing what little food and water they have left, salvaging what's left of their homes, cleaning up their communities and clearing debris off the roads, so that much needed medical assistance, humanitarian relief, food and water supplies can make it to their battered villages.

In their strength we find our strength, in their smiles we find our joy, in their eyes we see hope. Stand with us and help Dominica to survive so that we can re-grow her forests, re-build homes, get clean drinking water and electricity in all villages and restore the lives, livelihood and beauty of the nature island, the Caribbean's jewel and the modern day Garden Of Eden, where all are welcome. We thank you for caring and for your generous support of the people of Dominica!

How To Donate:
Click Here To Donate to the official Dominica Hurricane Relief Fund or visit to make your charitable contribution.

Giving In Kind:
You can also help by sending goods on the Dominica Needs List to the port in Roseau, Dominica which is now open to receive donations brought in by boats and cargo ships. See below for items that you/ your group, business or organization can collect and donate.

How Lush Fab Glam is Helping:
100% of all proceeds that we earn from the sale of blog ads and blog services during the month of October will go towards helping those affected by Hurricane Maria. We hope you will join us in contributing to this charitable endeavor by featuring your products, service or guest article to our readers, newsletter subscribers and/ or social media fans. Email us at for more details.

Dominica Before & After Hurricane Maria:
The Capital City Of Roseau Dominica before Hurricane Maria.  
The Capital City Of Roseau Dominica after Hurricane Maria.
Dominica Trafalgar Falls before & after Hurricane Maria.

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