Sweatproof and Long Lasting Summer Makeup

11 Tips For Sweatproof & Long Lasting Summer Makeup.

We look forward to the beautiful summer months, being outdoors, sunny beach days and getting a fabulous golden glow but we dread the sizzling hot and humid days when our hair falls flat and our makeup look is ruined because of sweat.


Today we are sharing simple and easy changes that you can make to your makeup routine for a sweatproof and long lasting beauty look...


Tip 1. Use waterproof eye makeup and mascara.

Tip 2. Apply your eye makeup with a brush or sponge instead of your fingers. Get a free makeup brush when you join LiveGlam today! CLICK HERE to Redeem Your FREE Makeup Brush.

Tip 3. Use a long wear eyeliner/ eye pencil.


Tip 4.  Line your lips, and then fill them in with a pencil before applying your lip color. If you choose to wear a lipstick apply two coats.

Tip 5. Apply a sheer lip stain below your lip color so that if/ when your lipstick, tinted balm or  lip gloss  wears away the stain beneath will keep your lips pretty and pigmented for hours.


Tip 6. Use a powder blush for a long lasting look.


Tip 7. Choose a long-wearing foundation with sunscreen and SPF protection.

Tip 8. Use a face powder to cut shine and for your makeup to last.

Refresh Your Makeup On-The-Go:

Tip 9. Use a compact pressed powder to touch-up your makeup while on-the-go.

Tip 10. Blot your lips with a tissue in between lipstick applications for a long lasting pout.

Tip 11. A spritzer/ face spray is a great way to refresh your skin and liven your look.

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