Amazing Gifts For Expectant Moms And Baby

15 Amazing Gifts For Expectant Moms & Baby + A  Fabulous Giveaway!

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience but it can also be challenging mentally and physically especially for moms-to-be who have more than one child or who suffer from extreme morning sickness etc. Friends and family can be a great source of strength, encouragement and love during this emotional time.

They can show they care by being present, supportive, actively involved throughout the stages of pregnancy and most importantly ensuring that mom and baby both stay healthy and happy by helping to make the pregnancy term as stress-free as possible.

Below we are sharing fifteen important tips and amazing things you can do for or gift to an expectant mom that will mean the world to her!

1. Get Her Maid Cleaning Service:
It's important for expectant moms to be able to come home to and relax in a clean environment. The further along she is in her pregnancy the harder it will be to complete every day tasks like doing laundry, mopping the floors etc. If there are older kids in the family this is a great time for them to pitch in and take over some of those tasks. It would also be amazing to gift mom-to-be with a maid-cleaning gift card that she can cash in when she needs it the most.

2. Gift Her A Spa Day/ Weekend:
Baby Moons are all the rage and while new parents-to-be opt for traveling abroad in their second trimester. Most moms still prefer a more laid-back baby moon that keeps them close to home. A weekend of rest and relaxation at a cottage in the summer or a pampering weekend retreat at a spa is a perfect last trimester gift that will help put mom-to-be in a calm and peaceful mental state before baby arrives.

3. Get Her A Masseuse Gift Card:
If mom-to-be does not have the time for a luxurious or weekend long baby moon which is the case with many working moms or moms with small children to care for. Then a gift card to a local masseuse is the perfect alternative. Even one hour of laying back and being pampered is quite the treat when pregnant.

4. Offer To Babysit The Kids:
For moms to be who already have young kids at home, balancing it all can be quite daunting. It definitely takes a village to raise kids and this is a great time for family and friends to step in and offer to help with the kids by babysitting for a few hours a day or an evening so mom can get some down time and much needed rest.

5. Satisfy Her Food Cravings:
During the nesting period especially it is important for moms-to-be to keep active. Getting dolled up and heading out the house for a little date with the hubby, brunch with family or a low key dinner with her girl friends is a great way to help satisfy her food cravings during pregnancy. If mom-to-be is sensitive to food scents, ordering her favorites for take-out and having a backyard alfresco dinner is a great alternative.

6. Get Her A Pregnancy Photography Session:
It's so important to properly capture your pregnancy journey, the time goes by quickly but the moment is precious no matter how many times you've been pregnant. Properly documenting it by making home videos and doing a proper photo shoot is a great way to celebrate the new addition to the family and capture keepsake photos that can be used to decorate baby's nursery.

7. Gift Her With A Manicure/ Pedicure:
Every pregnant woman knows how difficult it is to reach any body party below your baby bump past a certain point in your pregnancy. In the summer months especially, when comfortable open toe flats and sandals are a must-wear for moms-to-be, it's important to keep our heels from cracking and our toe nail polish from chipping. A trip to the nail salon would be the perfect treat for an expectant mom and if she has any aversion to the strong nail lacquer smells, gift her with an in-home service or opt for a nail salon that uses harmful-chemical free nail polish.

8: Surprise Her With Cute Baby Gifts:
You can't beat the way an expectant moms' face lights up when she sees or touches those cute and tiny gifts made just for baby! While stuffed animals and toys may seem like good baby gift ideas. More practical and useful new baby gifts like clothes, which infants outgrow in record time and will always need more of are much better baby shower gift ideas.

It's also wise to choose baby fashion that's adorable, unique, stylish and made with quality in mind. I've fallen head over heels in love with the trendy baby clothes, cute designs and quirky phrases on the funny baby clothing from Fayfaire baby clothing boutique. Like the 'Party At My Crib' onesie shown above and I can't wait to take snaps of our little angel wearing them when he or she arrives! You can enter to win a $50 Gift Card to shop Fayfaire designs, which will make the perfect baby shower gifts for the mom-to-be and baby in your life by clicking here.

9. Bring Her Flowers:
A fresh bouquet of flowers, especially her favorite blooms will instantly bring joy and a beautiful smile to a mom-to-be. It's a great gift to surprise her with during one of your visits.

10. Gift Her With A Free Makeup Session:
Baby showers are the big moment when every one gets together to  celebrate with the parents before baby's arrival. Most baby showers are held in the last trimester when moms-to-be feel tired, bloated and not very much herself. Help her to feel confident and beautiful before snapping all those baby shower photos that will be shared with family, friends and on social media by taking her for a beauty makeover. This can also be done through an in-home beautician service to save her time and reduce hassle.

11. Help Decorate The Nursery:
Preparing the nursery for baby's arrival can be a physically demanding task from putting together the crib to painting the walls, hanging wall art, adding shelves or changing light fixtures etc. This is a great time for friends and family members who are handy to step in and assist the parents-to-be. You can get it all done in one weekend by making it a fun family event with pizza served afterwards!

12. Take Her Maternity Shopping:
Who doesn't love a shopping spree and when you get to that point in your pregnancy where nothing in your closet fits comfortably or looks good anymore then it's time to take mom-to-be on  a girls shopping trip for new clothes that will help her look and feel fabulous. During the summer months long and short maxi dresses are both beautiful and affordable, while stretch maternity jeans are a must-have in the winter.

13. Register Her For Birth/ Pregnancy Classes:
For first time moms the scariest part of giving birth are all the unknowns. While your doctor may be able to ease a lot of your fears, attending pregnancy/ birth  classes which are usually taught by a delivery nurse or Douala can provide a wealth of knowledge on everything from breathing exercises to help you during delivery, to false starts, how to time contractions  and how to breastfeed properly etc. Plus mom-to-be will be surrounded by other expectant moms which is  a wonderful way to make friends and become part of a parenting community.

14. Gift Her Pregnancy Fitness Training:
Exercise and fitness training specifically designed for pregnant women are a great way to help mom-to-be to stay active and in good health without straining herself or harming baby. Women who are more active during pregnancy tend to feel less sick and maintaining an active lifestyle is always a great way to boost confidence.

15. Check In Regularly: 
It is extremely important to keep in touch with moms-to-be on a regular basis especially if they are going through a tough pregnancy, have health complications or may have suffered from postpartum depression in the past. Whether you choose to call, send her an email or text message, check in regularly to see if she is doing okay or needs help with anything. This simple act of kindness and caring makes all the difference.

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Are you a mom or expectant mom? What's the one thing you would have liked to receive or gotten help with while pregnant? Share with us by leaving a comment below.

*Thank you to for the adorable baby fashion and giveaway featured in this post. All opinions are mine.

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