Tips To Keep Your Clothes Pretty and Pristine

Fashion 101: Tips To Keep Your Clothes Pretty & Pristine.

Fabulous fashion designs are introduced every season and while we love updating our wardrobe, it can be a major investment. And as much as we may enjoy shopping for new items, you never want to exceed your wardrobe budget simply because you’re wearing out your current pieces too fast.

If you properly care for your clothes especially staples that never go out of style like your little black dress. They can last for years and look as good as new! Try these tips to keep your favorite fashion items looking pretty and pristine for years to come...

Tip 1: Rotate Your Clothing

Make a conscious effort to rotate your clothing regularly. If you’re always washing the top items in your wardrobe but never make it to the bottom, you’re putting twice as much wear on the clothes that make it to the closet. When you put your clothing away, push it to the back of the closet and focus on pulling from the front when you get dressed. This will even out the wear on your clothing so you’re not focusing on a handful of favorites and ignoring the rest of your closet.

Tip 2: Follow the Fabric Care Labels

Read the fabric care label on every item of clothing, and make sure you’re washing each piece appropriately. Never toss a cold-water-only item into a warm load. If you’re not up to making regular trips to the dry cleaner, at least hand-wash items with “Dry Clean Only” printed on the label.

Tip 3: Store Items Safely

You may not give much thought to the climate of your closet, but the right temperature and humidity levels are crucial to keeping your clothing safe. Store your clothing in a closet with a stable temperature. If the area fluctuates between hot and cold temperatures often, it will damage the integrity of the fabric.

Make sure humidity is low, as high moisture levels can lead to mold and mildew growth. Keep clothing away from direct sunlight to stop fading. Wall insulation, well-sealed windows and doors, and proper home maintenance tasks like HVAC tune-ups will help you maintain the best indoor conditions for your clothes.

Tip 4: Wash Items Properly

Avoid the temptation to toss everything into the washer at once and hope for the best. Button up buttons and zip up zippers. Place delicates in mesh bags, turn jeans inside out to prevent fading, inspect items before you throw them in, and treat stains as needed. Washing a stained item without proper treatment could set the stain permanently. Finally remember to always sort your laundry, dividing lights, darks, and delicates.

Tip 5: Keep Stain Remover On Hand

Keep a stain-removal stick handy so you’re always prepared to treat stains on the go. The faster you can treat a stain, the less chance it has to set in the fabric. Travel-size stain sticks fit easily in a purse, diaper bag, or desk drawer. The quicker you can get that initial stain treatment on, the longer your clothing will last. If you have children, keep a spare set of clothing close so you can remove stained items promptly.

With proper care and attention, you can significantly stretch the life of your wardrobe. This will free up your funds for items you want rather than replacements you need. 

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