Caring For Your Wedding Dress and Gowns.

Caring For Your Wedding Dress & Gowns.

Your wedding dress is something to treasure and protect. The same is true of other valuable garments, such as a ball gown, christening gown, or prom dress. Make sure you’re caring for these pieces properly to preserve them for the future. We have provided some fab tip below to help you do so.

Tip 1: Have Treasured Garments Cleaned

While you might be willing to forego dry cleaning for the delicate cycle on an everyday item, you can’t afford this kind of risk with a wedding gown or other valuable garment. Take these pieces to a dry cleaner or preservation specialist.

If you want the option of retrieving the item for use again later, such as with a formal gown for charity events, you can store it in a garment bag. If you won’t be wearing the item again and only want to view it, as with a wedding dress, you can have it professionally stored and sealed in a preservation box.

Tip 2: Maintain Climate-Controlled Storage

Heat and humidity are enemies to garment preservation. Don’t put your precious items in a garage, attic, or storage unit. Keep them at home in a safe closet. Make sure your home maintains the proper climate for your clothing by keeping the thermostat at a reasonable temperature. While you should set it a little higher in summer and a bit lower in winter, you don’t want to turn it off completely or allow your home to reach extremes.

Running your air conditioner regularly offers natural dehumidification. If you have trouble with high humidity levels in your home, consider adding a dehumidifier to make sure your clothing never gets damp.

Tip 3: Avoid Storing Garments In Plastic Bags

Storing your clothing in a plastic bag may seem like a smart move to keep dust and dirt away. Unfortunately, plastic gives off fumes that can cause yellowing. Silk is the most susceptible to yellowing. Among synthetic fabrics, nylon has the greatest tendency to yellow. Wrap your garment in acid-free tissue or cotton muslin. If you’re not placing the item in a preservation box, store it in a fabric bag rather than plastic.
Stay Away from the Light

A well-lit closet is nice for finding your clothing, but natural sunlight is an enemy to fabrics. It will cause fading and discoloration over time. Keep your clothes away from direct sunlight by storing them in a windowless closet. There is no way to reverse light damage, so it’s crucial that you pay attention to what’s shining on your precious pieces of clothing.

Tip 4: Fold Gowns as Little as Possible

Never crease a wedding dress or other valuable gown. Ideally, you should hang these items on a padded hanger so they can drape naturally without any folds. However, there are times when this isn’t possible. Many wedding gowns are simply too large. If you must fold a gown, make sure there are several layers of tissue paper in between so the folds are soft and large rather than sharp and creased. If you’re packing a delicate item for a trip, keep it on top so the weight of other clothing doesn’t press on it.

With proper storage, you can protect your treasured items long into the future!

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