What To Know Before Your First Facial

Beauty 101: What To Know Before Your First Facial.

Facials should be a vital part of your skincare regimen in order to keep clear, healthy and glowing skin. While it may not always be possible to do so monthly, getting a facial done, even just a couple of times a year can produce beautiful results and provide many benefits to your overall appearance and the health of your skin.


If you haven't had the chance to visit your local beauty salon for a facial, read on to find out what you can expect...

1. Before: You’ll be asked some questions

A good esthetician will begin by asking you some questions about your skin and skin care regimen. In order to get the best results, you should be completely honest. We know, sometimes you might just want to blur the truth a little so you don’t sound too bad, but only by being completely honest will you get the right treatment. It’s important to let them know that this is your first time too, as it might mean that they change the session slightly and not go as intense as they might have otherwise.

2. During: Be prepared for extractions

Extractions are essentially pimple popping. After thoroughly cleaning your skin, your esthetician might manually clear out your whiteheads and blackheads. It might hurt a little, but mostly will just feel a bit odd to have someone else doing this for you. It’s likely just going to be a bit uncomfortable, but worth it in the end. 

3. After: You might break out

Once your facial is finished, it’s normal for your skin to not look shiny and bright just yet. As the goal of the facial is to bring out all of the impurities and bacteria, it’s common to actually break out a few hours or days after the treatment. With this in mind, make sure to not schedule your facial around any major events. For example, if you have a big event coming up, don’t go for an intensive treatment a week beforehand. Alternatively, getting a softer treatment two or three days in advance will leave your skin glowing for the important day.

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