Five Steps To A Greener Lifestyle

Five Steps To A Greener Lifestyle.

Many people feel overwhelmed when considering a greener lifestyle, because they believe that this lifestyle means big changes and even bigger investments. Fortunately, even small behavior changes like the five listed below can make a big impact in your shift to a greener, more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Read on to discover them...

1. Program Your Thermostat

Many people have programmable thermostats, but not everyone knows how to work them. Take the time to program your thermostat and adjust the temperature throughout the day when you’re not home or at night when you’re asleep.

You may also consider investing in a smart thermostat that connects directly to your smartphone, allowing you to change the temperature settings directly from your phone. If you’re on vacation and the weather changes at home, you can easily adjust your home’s thermostat to avoid wasting energy.

2. Save Hot Water

Your water heater uses energy, but cutting down on your hot water consumption will help the environment and lower your energy bills.

Limit the amount of baths you take and avoid long, hot showers. If you need a hot shower, make it a quick one. Put more energy-efficient practices behind your household chores. When possible, try to use cold water when washing clothes instead of hot water. You’ll likely find that washing your clothes in cold water is effective and doesn’t use much energy.

3. Recycle and Donate

Instead of throwing out objects you don’t want or don’t use, recycle and donate as much as possible. Start by setting up a recycling bin in your home for glass, plastic, and newspapers. Make recycling as easy as possible to encourage those in your home to do their part.

If you are going through your closet or junk drawer, avoid throwing anything directly into the trash. Instead, make a trip to your local Salvation Army or Goodwill center. You could also consider selling anything of value online. See more fun and unique ways to donate and give back to your community here.

4. Consider Your Landscaping

If you own your home, your landscaping is a big part of going green. Start by planting shade trees along the side of your home. Shade trees keep the sun from beating down on your home and keep your HVAC system from working as hard. If planted in suitable locations, trees may also help insulate your home during the winter.

Additionally, start a compost pile in your yard instead of throwing away rotten and leftover food. Consider planting a garden instead of buying your fruits and vegetables at the supermarket.

5. Invest in Energy Star Appliances

Replacing all your appliances in your home isn’t economical. But when you need to buy a new appliance, invest in Energy Star, or energy-efficient, appliances. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rates these appliances, which must meet the agency’s standard for energy efficiency. Although these appliances tend to be pricier, they will save energy and, in turn, save you money.

Start small when you’re changing your lifestyle. Focus on the smaller changes first and work up to the bigger changes. By taking steps now to create a greener lifestyle, you can begin to see an impact on your home and in your life.

We hope you enjoyed reading these greener lifestyle tips and have discovered a few that you can put into practice right away.

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