6 Ways To Style Your Smartphone To Standout

6 Ways To Style Your Smartphone To Standout.

Your phone is an extension of you. Your whole life seems to fit inside it. Your phone goes with you everywhere and lives in your hand, so it should be as stylish as your handbag and reflect your personality even more clearly. In other words, it should be uniquely yours.


Are you ready to start styling your smartphone as a one-of-a-kind accessory? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Express Yourself With Felt

Felt is a very forgiving material because it's easy to cut into shapes and the edges don't need to be hemmed or treated in any way. This means you can create a custom smartphone case from felt even if you're fairly new to crafting. First, trace your phone. Your finished piece needs to be a little bigger than this outline to allow for the sewing, so extend it by about 1/4 inch in both length and width. If you want your case to have shaped details (like ears or paws), add them to the pattern. When you're satisfied with the pattern, pin it to a double layer of felt and cut through, making two copies. Use a whip stitch to close up three sides of the piece. Then use buttons, jewels, or embroidery floss to flesh out your design.

Re-purpose Your Favorite Clothes

Are you emotionally attached to an article of clothing that's almost or completely worn out? Maybe you're holding on to an old concert T-shirt, beanie, or sweater because you still love it. Why not use the material from your beloved old item to create a one-of-a-kind case for your beloved new smartphone that will have a special place in your heart? You can make a case out of any kind of fabric at all. A case for your iPhone 7 made from one of your favorite old items will make it even more especially yours.

Bling It Out

Creating a customized jeweled case takes patience, but you don't need any special skills to do it. Start with a sturdy plain case, an assortment of Swarovski or other flat-backed gemstones, some heavy-duty glue, and tweezers. Trace the case first and arrange the stones inside the outline to get a sense of your design. Then paint the phone case with glue, one section at a time, and transfer the stones. This tutorial gives you step by step instructions with photos so you can figure out exactly how to render your design.

Keepsake Glitz

Like sparkle? You can jazz up a simple clear phone case with leftover party decor, like tinsel, confetti, or party streamers. Anything you come up with will be unique, but you can take it to a new level if the glitter on your phone case is from the New Year's Eve party where you met your new beau, or if you decorate it with confetti from your wedding. Even if it's not a life-changing event, you'll enjoy seeing reminders of vacations with your family every time you answer a text.

Floral Fantasy

Pressed flower petals, fern fronds or autumn leaves can create a lovely three-dimensional design. Preserve the flowers or leaves by pressing them in the pages of a heavy book for a week or more until they are thoroughly dry. Note that their colors may be muted by this process. Resin will encase the delicate plant materials to keep them safe for years to come, but it is a little tricky to work with so read all the instructions carefully before you begin. This is a fun and effective way to preserve wedding or anniversary flowers or blooms from your first garden.

Order Something Special

Not crafty? No problem. There are many people on Etsy who will create a custom piece just for you. Browse the site, and when you find someone whose work you love, e-mail them to ask if they take commissions. Once you find the right artist, you can describe exactly what you want, and they should be able to make your design a reality.

With all these options for creating custom styles and cases, there's no reason your phone shouldn't be as fabulous as you are!

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