Accessories Spotlight: Krikawa Design House.

Accessories Spotlight: Krikawa Design House.

"Diamond's are a girl's best friend," we have heard this phrase and the song made popular by the fabulous Elizabeth Taylor countless times and it never loses it's charm. With shopping season now in full swing we are spotlighting the most gorgeous ring designs and sharing why the design house you chose is just as important as the ring itself.

The manufacture of custom wedding bands demands a process that is second to none from concept through delivery. Aside from the metals and jewels that go into the realization of a dream, there is a sensitivity to the unique relationship the bands represent that is required as well.

Krikawa has demonstrated over the years that they have the stuff to make dreams happen at an extremely high level on a consistent basis. Multiple design and business practice awards attest to this fact.

While it is nice to be recognized by those at the pinnacle of the industry, these achievements are secondary to the reality behind Krikawa’s success; they care. The many testimonials that come from satisfied customers show the high esteem for Krikawa’s engagement rings and wedding rings designs, process and product...

However, it goes even deeper than this. In almost every customer testimony the feeling of genuine appreciation is overwhelming. The words speak of something much deeper than a simple business transaction and bring forth an admiration for the understanding that went not only into the production of a very special product, but also of a personal relationship based upon the realization of a common vision and dream.

Over the course of the years, at some point, it would likely have been an easy decision to sit back and rest on the success that was evident. Somewhere along that road there had to have been the recognition of the fact that if there was no commitment to constant improvement in design, process, and delivery, aspiring to even greater heights would have been an impossibility.

Choosing to bond with customers designing custom wedding bands in a way that recognizes the unique character of the design and the relationship it represents is what makes Krikawa unique as a design house.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Krikawa Design House.

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