Minimal Chic Home Design

Minimal Chic Home Design.

We have fallen head-over-heels in love with the minimal home design style where less is more and creating a light, airy and cozy ambiance is key. We especially loved incorporating this design style into our home during the sizzling summer months, it was a fabulous way to keep things chic but cool and relaxing no matter what the temperature and humidity levels outside.

Read on to see more fab photos from our minimal chic home design tour and to get tips on how you can incorporate this beautiful modern look into your interior design and home décor.

Tip 1: Light Floors: Light colored floors are most definitely in from sanded wood floors that are stained clear to the Norwegian style white-washed floors. We chose the sanded floors look since it still adds warmth to the space.

Tip 2: Neutral Furniture: We chose non-fabric, white furniture that's family friendly, spill proof and easy to clean.

Tip 3 Metallic Accents: Adding metallic accents is a great way to keep your light space from being to bland or boring. Silver or chrome side tables, table décor, a statement mirror and candle holders are a great way to add metallic accents.

Tip 4: Greenery: Invite nature in with the use of low-maintenance plants that add a tropical feel.

Tip 5: Pops of Grey: Grey is another big trend right now and it adds a chic touch to your home design. We did a mix of shades of grey, from a light silver grey on the walls, curtains, throw pillows and rug  to pepper grey on our console and table lamps. Adding grey also helped to balance out the all white furniture.

Tip 6 Lighting: A little sparkle makes all the difference and fabulous lighting is the cherry on top of the minimal chic design. We chose a silver grey chandelier with a raindrop glass for the entryway leading to the living room. It immediately transformed the space..

Fab Décor Finds: To help you perfect the minimal chic design style in your home...

Are you a fan of the minimal + chic home design style and what's your favorite décor pick; the colors, the floors or the use of  silver and metallic? Share with us by leaving a comment below.

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