Embracing Fatherhood and Celebrating Dads with Gerber.

Embracing Fatherhood and Celebrating Dads with Gerber.

Year after a year it feels like we make a big deal when it comes to celebrating Mother's Day while dads get left out in the cold. For years now the role that men play in helping to raise their children has been changing and daddy time is no longer reserved for just sports games and birthday parties.

When men are given the chance to take a more active role in their children's lives and are involved in the process of caring for, nurturing, teaching and even feeding their little ones from conception and onward, it naturally changes the type of bond and the strength of the connection that they share with their children in a very positive way.


One of my fondest memories from my early childhood was of my dad braiding my hair and taking care of me when my mom was sick. That particular memory stuck with me because it's not very often that you hear about Dads who can braid their daughter's hair. I can't vouch for the quality of the braid but it was the mere act of his stepping up and taking on the role that my mom usually played wholeheartedly.

While I may not remember much from that time of my life, I remember that moment and it stands out in an amazing way. Now that I think back on it, I can also see how that moment influenced my decision about the character of and the type of man that I would choose to marry.


This year as we celebrate Father's Day, I am especially grateful for my husband who has embraced his role as a father whole heartedly. He has been by  my side for every doctor's appointment from pregnancy onward. He read stories and played songs on the piano to our unborn baby. We threw a unisex baby shower so that he would also be celebrated for his role in the new life we were about to bring into the world. He held my hand the entire time while giving birth and helped me through my breathing exercises, in short he was the best birth coach/ doula a mom-to-be could ask for.

The first few weeks after giving birth he took time off work to help me transition into my new role as a mom and endured the sleepless nights, changing diapers, bath time and tummy time right along with me. Once our son became a toddler he enjoyed 'Daddy and me' time once a week and they had their boys only hang out time. Whether they stayed home and had fun playing games, learning new words or went on an outdoor adventure etc. The important thing was that they got to spend quality time with each other and had the opportunity to grow and strengthen their father-son bond, while I got some much needed time to rest, relax and socialize with friends.

For our son this one-on-one time meant that he formed an exceptionally close bond with his dad long before he could hold a baseball bat or kick a soccer ball and that has made all difference in the way he views his dad, how he will remember his dad's role in his life and shaped the kind of man and father that he will become some day.

The takeaway from all this is that when dads are given the chance to fully embrace fatherhood extraordinary things happen. This father's day let's celebrate, honor and say thank you to our wonderful dads in an equally extraordinary way! See below for more fab tips on how to help dads fully embrace fatherhood.

Fab Tips to help dads embrace fatherhood:


1. Keep him involved in your pregnancy, let him know about your doctor's appointments, ultrasounds and help with decorating the nursery (painting, mounting the crib etc) as you prepare for your bundle of joy.

2. Throw a unisex baby shower or if you prefer the traditional girls only baby shower, have a family only dinner to celebrate your upcoming baby that way Dad does not feel left out in the cold, he is after all more than just a sperm donor.

3. Communicate and get ready for baby together: Get prepared for your baby's arrival by reading books, baby websites and watching videos together. Let him support you by asking for back rubs when it hurts, he won't know or understand your level of discomfort while pregnant unless you tell him.

4. Ask for his opinion when making major medical decisions about child birth and ensure that he knows what you would like to happen in the event that things don't go as planned.

5. Once baby arrives let dad bask in the glory of his new born: Family and friends are sure to hover in the first weeks and the women typically get first dibs at holding baby. Don't alienate dad during this time. After feedings let dad help with burping and tummy time as baby falls asleep. (This is a critical way that mom and babies bond and dad should be part of that experience too.) Take turns changing diapers, bathing and dressing baby. Dads are quick learners don't wait till your bundle of joy is 6 months or one year old to let dad help out. Doing this will also help you avoid mommy burn out.

6. Involve dad in play time: In the first few years play time is a critical learning and development tool for babies. Let dad be a part of that process. It may also seem like dads play a little rougher and take more risks. Speak kindly about safe play with baby and trust that dad loves your little one just as much as you do and would not allow any harm to come to him or her.
7. The hands that feed me: Feeding time is a natural bonding time for children and parents. While in most homes moms are the primary caregivers. We should also embrace having the men in our lives help out with preparing meals. If hubby is not the best cook then you can always prepare meals in advance that he can feed to your little one. If like me you are worried that dad may give-in and let your little one munch on the sugar/ salt filled and very unhealthy snacks that he may be eating, fret not because I've recently discovered the perfect solution to alleviate those fears.

I was on the hunt for delicious but most importantly nutritious snacks not made with genetically engineered (GM) ingredients that our son can enjoy whether we are at home or on the go. Finding healthy snacks can be extremely difficult but during a recent trip down the baby aisle at Walmart I discovered the new Gerber® Lil’ Beanies(TM) which comes in two delicious flavors: Lil’ Beanies(TM) Original and Lil’ Beanies(TM) White Cheddar and Broccoli.


The baked Gerber® snacks are made from navy beans and are packed with protein and fibre that makes it the perfect healthy treat for our little one. He enjoys the fact that he can feed himself while I love that there is very little mess to clean up afterwards. He also loves the natural flavors of the White Cheddar and Broccoli and the fact that he can snack on his Lil’ Beanies(TM) while on a play date, at the park, or while we are driving. You can visit your local Walmart store to find Gerber® snacks for your little one.

8. Let dad babysit: While it's customary to have grandparents baby sit so mom and dad can get some alone time to go on a romantic date etc. It is also important to trust dad's nurturing skills and let him be the one to take care of baby while mommy goes to the gym, meets up with friends or runs errands.

9. Reserve a day for Daddy and me so your little one can choose what to do or they can come up with fun ideas together about the places to visit, things to see and do etc. The important thing is that dad and your little one are spending quality time together.

10. Say Thank You: It's customary for moms to receive compliments on the great job that we are doing raising our little ones. As a spouse it is up to us to also let dad know that we appreciate him and all he does. That spirit of gratitude will give him a boost of confidence in his own capabilities as a father and make him want to be that best version of himself.

I hope these tips will help you on your beautiful, rewarding and remarkable journey of parenthood and wishing Happy Father's Day to the extraordinary dads who have embraced fatherhood!

What are your fondest childhood memories about your dad? Share with us by leaving a comment below.

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