Lovely Rose Quartz Home Decor.

The Colorful Home Series: Lovely Rose Quartz Home Decor.

Welcome to the second phase of the colorful home series, if you missed our previous tips for adding color to your home using fabulous bursts of yellow click here to see the yellow decor post. This week we are sharing home decor tips and inspiration that will help you transform your home with lovely shades of rose quartz, the pantone color for 2016.

Read on to see how the most used rooms in your home can receive an easy and affordable DIY rose quartz makeover for spring, plus see how we transformed our own home with this beautiful color for spring... 

Rose quartz in the living room:
Look 1 and 2: Get the look with pretty rose quartz throw pillows or by adding a beautiful rose quartz vase to your coffee table.

Rose quartz in the kitchen:
Look 3 and 4: Display  pretty rose quartz cake stands, glasses and bowls on open shelves as shown above or in glass door cupboards in your kitchen as shown below.

Rose quartz in the dining room:
Look 5: Re-upholster your dining room chairs with pretty in rose quartz fabric, paint your dining room in rose quartz or display a pretty rose quartz floral bouquet.

Fab Spring Decor Tip: 

We love adding color to our home using fresh seasonal flower bouquets and plants. Our home got an easy, affordable and beautiful rose quartz makeover for spring with the addition of pretty hydrangeas and succulent plants and glass vases that we displayed in our foyer, living room and kitchen. See more of our beautiful spring makeover on our Instagram page: @lushfabglam.

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How are you adding color to your home for spring and which featured lovely in rose quartz home decor is your favorite? Share with us by leaving a comment below...

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  1. It's really important to decor your house perfectly according to season. Peach is are the color I prefer for spring d├ęcor. BTW nicely done. Thank you for sharing with us.


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