Beauty 101: How To Choose The Right Blush.

Beauty 101: How To Choose The Right Blush.

Sometimes the smallest things in life need the biggest work and effort. Even something as simple as applying blush during your makeup routine requires more than just a little time. Your knowledge of blush types, your skill level in applying makeup and the cosmetic products you use all play a big role in whether you will achieve a flawless and beautiful makeup transformation.

In this issue of Beauty 101 you will learn how to choose the right blush type, the right blush color and how to find the perfect blush product to bring out your facial features and accentuate your lovely cheek bones.

The most important thing you need to consider when choosing your next blush is the type. There are four types of blushes and it is important to know which type is best for your skin tone, complexion and will give you the right finish for your daytime, evening, casual or special occasion makeup application. Read on to learn more about the different types of blushes and the pros and cons of using each one...

Types Of Blushes:

1. Gel blush is the most popular blush type but not the easiest to apply. You need to be confident with your makeup application skills before attempting to use a gel blush. On the bright side a gel blush will create a truly natural and beautiful finish if applied correctly. Gel blushes also have a sheer-pigment that is subtle on the cheeks for a perfectly colored look. And finally, gel blushes are the ideal choice if you have normal or oily skin because it won’t over-moisturize.

2. Cream blushes are the best choice if you have dry skin. It not only gives your cheeks a very radiant and flawless finish but it also leaves your skin smooth and moisturized.

3. Powder blushes are perfect for wearing during the day since they create a lighter, more subtle touch of color. Powder blushes are also great for all skin types and complexions, making it one of the best choices when shopping for blush.

4. Stain blush require a lot of skill to apply correctly because it is highly pigmented. It also dries up almost instantly so you will need to be quick and precise with your application. On the other hand, these blushes are perfect for evening time, special occasions or for a bold/bright makeup look. The key is to master the art of applying your stain blush before wearing it.

Choosing The Right Blush Color:

Now that you have figured out the best type of blush for you, we recommend that you do a little more research to learn which blush colors are best suited to your complexion and how to switch up your blush color during the winter season when your complexion will be paler than the summer months when you are tanned. You can get great advice on the best blush color to choose by speaking to a professional makeup artist or makeup specialist.

Finding The Right Blush:

Once you have chosen the best type of blush and color for you, the final step is to find the right place to shop for your next blush. We recommend Kohl’s e-store where you can find a huge assortment of high quality makeup products at reduced prices. You can save even more with these Kohl’s coupon codes from

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