Beauty 101: Career Options in Makeup Artistry.

Beauty 101: Career Options in Makeup Artistry.

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Every girl loves to get dolled up, even if it means only wearing her favorite shade of lipstick or lip gloss before she heads out the door. In recent years our love for makeup and all things cosmetics have been fuelled by the rise of social media as beauty blogs like Lush Fab Glam and makeup lovers around the world share photos and tutorials of their makeup application skills and stunning makeovers.
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Whether they are replicating a look they've seen on a celebrity, on the red carpet, in a movie/ TV show or a beauty look that they skillfully created on their own. It's no wonder that more and more women are considering becoming professional makeup artist. While watching YouTube makeup tutorials can be fun and inspiring it hardly qualifies or provides you with all the skills you will need to become a professional makeup artist.
If you are thinking about becoming a makeup artist and concerned about what type of jobs will be available to you,  the answer is several and in many industries. That’s one of the positive things about receiving an education in makeup artistry, you can truly pick from a wide range of jobs. Here’s a look at just some of the job opportunities that await recent graduates of make up artistry schools...
1. The Fashion Industry
If you have always wanted to work in the fashion industry, now’s your chance. The fashion industry is home to some of the best makeup artists in the world. This exciting and competitive industry offers a wide range of job opportunities for makeup artists, from doing makeup for catalogs and print ads to designer runway shows.
Supermodel Joan Smalls

2. The Beauty Industry
Makeup is essential in an industry that revolves around beauty. The beauty industry is also a great place to find work for makeup artists and. You can do makeup for weddings and special events, own you own business, or even work with a dermatologists or plastic surgeon.
Makeup Artistry
3. The Entertainment Industry
The Hollywood acting and Music industries are some of the most successful and highly paid areas for makeup artists. The recognition you would receive from being endorsed by a celebrity for doing their makeup for a red carpet event, press conference, TV show, movie or music video would mean instant success. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce even travel with their beauty team as part of their entourage, talk about a dream career.

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Have you considered becoming a professional makeup artist and which industry would you prefer to work in? Share with us by leaving a comment below.

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