Home Decor Inspiration: Fabulous Outdoor Spaces.

Home Décor Inspiration: Fabulous Outdoor Spaces.

After a long and seemingly unending winter season we have a new found appreciation for the not too hot and not too cool temperatures of the beautiful spring season as we look forward to spending every minute that we can enjoying the fresh breeze, sun kissed, spring bloom and the lush green landscape.

Which is why this design and décor issue is all about the outdoors. We are providing lots of inspiration on how to transform your backyard or patio into a fabulous outdoor oasis that you can enjoy well into the fall season.  Read on to be inspired...


Look 1: A Tea Garden Oasis.

Depart from the cliché outdoor spaces where your home's exterior walls are the staple of your backyard retreat and instead create your outdoor oasis in the middle of your garden. Use potted plants, like yews and bountiful blooms like potted hydrangeas as the new perimeters for your space.

Look 2: A five star, hotel-chic look in your backyard.

Re-create the luxurious poolside decor and tranquil spa setting you enjoyed while on vacation at a five star hotel/ resort right in your backyard a custom seating and cabana style D.I.Y that you can hand flowing white curtains from privacy and shade from the sun. Make nature the central attraction of your lounging space with flower and fruit trees all around and in the center of your new hotel chic garden.

Look 3: Turn your backyard into a relaxing space for lounging, reading, listening to music, entertaining  and enjoying late afternoon naps with comfortable patio furniture like lounging chairs with foot stools. Add a glamorous touch to your outdoor space by re-purposing a rot iron day bed into outdoor furniture that provides extra space for seating and cat naps. 

Look 4: Tuscan Style Ambiance. 
Grape vines or Ivy's and a traditional water fountains add a stunning touch to any outdoor space and instantly transport you to the beautiful gardens of Tuscany. They create the perfect ambiance to enjoy the warm temperatures, lush greenery and romantic Alfresco dinners in your own backyard.

Look 5: A Rustic-chic, covered patio that opens up to the lush garden.
This outdoor space reflects the perfect blend of modern home design with the light and airy patio furniture and décor in shades of white, grey and stripe patterns. Complemented by the natural wood coffee table, bronze hanging lanterns and brown window shutters.

Which featured outdoor space is your favorite and which outdoor décor ideas will you try? Share with us by leaving a comment below.

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