Fabulous Hairstyles For A Spring Break Getaway.

Fabulous Hairstyles For A Spring Break Getaway.

Spring break is finally here and if you are planning a fun-filled and fabulous getaway, preferably to a warm destination. We have rounded up the easiest, carefree and fabulously chic hairstyles that will get you out the door without a fuss so you can stylishly enjoy your getaway. Read on for more on our spring break hairstyle inspiration and to try your favorites...

1. Beach Chic Hairstyles: 
Carefree tussled loose waves is the perfect look for your sun-kissed getaway and days spent poolside or at the beach.

2. Braided Beauty Hairstyles: 
From french, braids, to braided crowns and fishtail braids to twist ponytails. The braided look is the go-to hairstyle when you need to be out the door and looking fabulous in little time. An easy braided hairstyle also ensures you don't miss out on all the spring break fun and leaves you with more time to style your perfect outfit you and makeup!

3. Stylish Head Wrap Hairstyles:
By the end of your week-long getaway the chlorinated pool water and salty ocean water would have taken it's toll on your hair's moisture, texture and color, especially if it's chemically processed. Don't let that slow your roll on your final days/nights, pull your hair back into a sleek, middle-part ponytail and tie on a head wrap for a runway chic and very stylish look.

Which spring break hairstyles will you try? Share with us by leaving a comment below.

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  1. I love beachy curls even when I'm not necessarily in the beach.
    Like these tips, since hair is the last thing I worry about or have time to do. Need to try the braids!

  2. Andy R4/08/2015

    Gorgeous love it!

  3. Yes! I LOVE beachy braids for spring break. They're so simple and carefree while still looking gorgeous!



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