Home Design Inspiration: Fabulous Dining Table Decor.

Home Design Inspiration: Fabulous Dining Table Decor.

We are always on the hunt for fabulous and chic home decor pieces to give our home a warm, and inviting but also glamorous feel. We have been focused on the hub of our home lately, where the best conversations and delicious meals come together during our family dinners and weekend dining feasts with guests.

As avid entertainers we are always looking for ways to make each dinner event feel unique and beautiful. And since we love the staple elements of our dining room like the table, chairs, chandelier, buffet server, dishware and cutlery. We have had to find other ways to inject an elegant and appetizing ambiance to our dinner space.

This lead to our latest obsession with beautiful table top decor like:
  1. Metallic candle holders and candelabras.
  2. Wood and wicker storage baskets and perfume trays that double as display pieces.
  3. Bird cage inspired decor to showcase lighted candles.
  4. Displaying our prettiest and sparkly ornaments.
  5. Jazzing up basic white candles with tied ribbons.
  6. Adding throw pillows to dining chairs.
  7. Using unexpected items like a stainless steel bowl as a plant holder or flower vase.
There are endless possibilities and ideas on how to use simple items in your home to give your dinner table a fabulous makeover. Read on to see a few of our favorite table top decor ideas that are sure to inspire...

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How do you jazz up your dining table and which featured table top decor idea(s) will you try? Share with us by leaving a comment below.

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  1. These decor are beautiful!!! I am loving all the glam. Great ideas for my new home!

    1. Hi Melissa We agree they are so glamorous!

  2. Is there options to see where these items were purchased?

  3. Is there options to see where these items were purchased?


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