Makeup As Art & The Wonders Of Airbrushing.

Makeup As Art & The Wonders Of Airbrushing.

This week;s beauty spotlight is on 'Makeup As Art & The Wonders Of Airbrushing.' From face and body art for runway shows, magazine covers, celebrity red carpet looks and even at weddings, the airbrushing tchnique is storming its way into the fashion and beauty industries...

While we are used to seeing musicians and stage performers use dramatic makeup and body art during their concerts, plays and shows. The use of airbrushing has become more common place and is quickly replacing traditional body painting and caked on makeup application.

In fact many renowned designers rely on airbrushing artists to prepare models for their walk down the runway since  airbrush systems add that picture perfect effect to their dramatic or subtle beauty look.

Below are some examples of how fashion designers Herve Leger and Charlotte Ronson used airbrushing during their recent fashion shows to give their models that flawless beauty look that we love and can't wait to try.

Airbrushing At Fashion Shows:

1. Charlotte Ronson Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Show:

1. Herve Leger  Fall 2014 Fashion Show:

Airbrushed Body Art:
We often see dramatic makeup applied to the face, the airbrushing technique makes it easy to apply makeup on other parts of the body as well. People often pay large sums of money to dress up and look like their favorite movie, story book or cartoon characters. Makeup, glitter, bold colors and other body art effects all help them to achieve that ultimate look and airbrushed body art is an ideal alternative to traditional face painting.

Airbrushing Your Way Into The Beauty Industry:
Airbrushing is also an option that kids enjoy at fairs, carnivals, birthday parties and other events. Offering airbrush body painting or tattoos as a service at these events and to brides to be and their bridal party is a good way to earn more and start your own successful business in the beauty industry. 

Airbrushing is a fairly lucrative business option that is relatively easy for someone to start with little time, money and effort. And you can easily recoup the money spent to purchase your airbrushing equipment.

Have you tried airbrushing before? Share with us by leaving a comment below.

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