Fall And Winter Getaway Style Tips.

Fall And Winter Getaway Style Tips.

This week's fab fashion tips for the globe trotting fashionista takes us away from the cooling temperatures and across the ocean for an island adventure where the only accessory you'll need is also the most stylish!


Start planning your late fall and winter getaways and read on for five fabulous tips for buying a beautiful sarong to complement your colorful bikinis...

Sarongs are some of the most beautiful and versatile garments in ladies fashion. But what if you're a newbie to Indian dress? How can you distinguish between fits and fabrics to find the best sarong for you? Consider this your ultimate buying guide.

1. Know Your Fabrics
The most expensive kind of sarong is made out of batik, a woven linen that undergoes waxing treatments to keep it waterproof and resistant to dye bleeding. Silks and chiffons are the most commonly available sarong, and their prices and durability depends on the brand. The cheapest kind of sarong is made with cotton.

2. Decide Your Cut
While a sarong can be modified to flatter any body type, it's true that certain styles look best with certain looks. For example, if you're a petite princess, you'll look great in a mini-sarong that cuts off at the knees and elongates your figure. If you're plus-sized, you might prefer a draped or toga-style sarong that wraps around your body and highlights your curves.

3. Think About The Setting
Where will you be wearing your sarong? If you're trying to fit into the crowds of Mumbai, you may want something in a traditional cut without ostentatious colors. If you're headed to the beach, you'd do better in a lightweight sarong that can be whipped on and off as the sand flies.

4. Choose Your Style
You can find a sarong in just about any size, style and pattern that you'd like, which means that it's easy to stock up for a variety of occasions. Buy a solid-colored sarong for simple elegance; embrace your girly side with a flowered sarong; go completely crazy with a sarong in rainbow or geometric patterns. The possibilities are endless!

5. Practice Tying and Twisting
Before you walk out of the store with your new sarong, take a moment to stand in front of a full-length mirror and play around with it. Is the fabric nice and sturdy, or does it slip through your fingers when you try to tie it off? Does it itch against your skin? Could you see yourself throwing it on during a busy morning? If the answer to any of these questions is "no," you may want to find another sarong.

Whether you're celebrating Indian culture or just looking for a wrap to wear at the beach, a sarong will keep you sexy and stylish. Use these five tips to find the most flattering sarong for you.

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