Girl Talk: Fab Tips For Feeling Sexier.

Girl Talk: Fab Tips For Feeling Sexier + Win A $100 Lingerie Gift Card!

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The month of September is a reminder that those fun, care free and warmer days of summer are coming to an end and many of us may already be falling back into our cold, dreary weather slumber. Unfortunately the grey skies and dull weather are not the only things that change. Our overall mood, our style and even the way we care for and treat our bodies also tend to suffer from a case of the winter blues.

Today we are continuing our Carefree® Freshness Challenge with 5 Fab Tips For Feeling Sexier in rain or shine, summer or fall. Get ready to be a flaming hot vixen even in the frigid winter season!

1: Sexy is a state of mind:
It's really all about confidence, you can be sexy in jogging pants (pertaining that they fit right and show off your best assets). Even our dreaded early morning look is sexy. If our significant other finds our tussled, just got out of bed look sexy, then why don't we?

2: Stop comparing yourself to others:
Whether it's the friend you had since high school, the next door neighbor, the mom who is always well put together or your favorite celebrity who just gave birth and went back to her pre-baby size in no time. Guess what? They have insecurities too.

Embrace the things that make you unique and the next time you find yourself thinking 'why can't I look like her 'or 'I wish I had ... like her.' Stop and go back to tip 1, sexy is a state mind, think it, know it, believe it and flaunt your sexy!

3: Be sexy for you:
I have always subscribed to the notion that 'a woman should want to get dressed up, look and be beautiful. Not so others can see her but because she enjoys it and loves the way she feels'. Whether you're wearing your favorite little black dress, sexy red dress, skinny jeans, sky-high stilettos or nothing but lingerie, wear it for you and the world will see your sexy aura!

4: Wear lingerie everyday:
You don't have to wear lace gowns to bed every night or go out during the day with a corset on but all women should wear underwear and bras that not only look but feel good. Lingerie is just what you need to start off your day on a sexy note!

5: Give yourself a lingerie makeover:
For our final tip we challenge you to clean out your lingerie draw, get rid of the ill-fitting, worn and fading bras and underwear and go lingerie shopping! Have a proper bra sizing done, so you can look like your best perky self. Mix up your lingerie picks by wearing fun and flirtatious colors and prints not just the usual black and skin-tone underwear, let your personality shine through! Also add a few femme fatale pieces for those times when you not only want to feel sexier but want to show it off to your lover.

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What's your #1 way to feel sexier and which of our tips will you try? Share with us by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Fantastic post! I have been going through a sexy slump lately and need something to boost me so I start focusing again on the idea of being sexy for me. This is always the best place to start because as you said … it radiates from the inside out. I definitely need to clear out my lingerie drawer and go shopping. Adding this to my TO DO list as we speak!

  2. Fabulous tips, thanks for such a positive input. The giveaway is super sexy too :)

  3. Stop comparing yourself to others is SO important! Thanks for the tips!

  4. Anonymous9/04/2014

    Love the 'get a proper bra sizing' tip - I think it's something like 80% of women are actually wearing the wrong size bra....and what a difference a good, properly fitted bra makes! You look good and, more importantly, feel good! Great tips!

  5. Yes, love this post!!! OMG its like the moment summer comes to an end for me I throw sexy out the window. Love the lingerie makeover idea, so need to do that.

  6. Great tips! I totally agree that comparing yourself to others is not a good idea.

  7. Stop comparing yourself to others is one of the best tips for life, let alone feeling sexy. Love it!

  8. Love this. Especially the bit about wearing lingerie daily. When I'm wearing a well-fitting bra the world is my oyster!

  9. Thinking sexy changes your whole dang mood!! Couldn't agree more. Switch up your lingerie stash and believe you are sexy, the confidence will come from it.

  10. Right! It's all about the inside and confidence! As you think and feel.

  11. Good advice about comparing ourselves to others. I'm guilty of dwelling on celebs post-baby too!

  12. I really need to take some of these to heart! Thanks for the tips!

  13. I loved your tips and I have to try harder to refrain from comparing myself to others. Also getting dressed for me is hard to do but I will try harder.

  14. Great tips! Especially loved sexy is a state of mind!

  15. I really agree, I do think that feeling sexy is a state of mind! And I do feel sexy with my pj's on! I totally agree about the lingerie too. It really makes a difference.


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