Wow Your Kitty With An Irresistible Meal.

Wow Your Kitty With An Irresistible Meal.

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It would be a quick, week night stay-at-home dinner with the full spread and decadent taste of dining at our favorite restaurants. I had all family members covered for a delicious and nutritious meal. Except for Frankie our super cute kitty, she would be trying Fancy Feast® Broths for the first time as part of this sponsored campaign.

Shopping the aisles of our local grocery store, I peered around the vegetable corner, picked up a fresh bunch of green asparagus, a few lemons, herbed brown rice and a few fresh fillets of Atlantic salmon. Next stop, the wine store for a bottle of refreshing White Zinfandel or Rose.


Typically I would feed Frankie before preparing dinner so she wouldn't hover in protest near the kitchen. This time I decided to wait so we could all eat together and I was naturally curious about her reaction to this new meal. Surprisingly she sat elegantly on the far side of our white couch, patiently waiting, as if she knew that something new was in the works for her dinner.

"Irresistabowl" When I saw that term used to describe the Fancy Feast® Broths products I thought, wow, this is clever and sets a very high expectation! The uniquely packaged broth reminded me of a fancy version of soups I love in the harsh winter. Frankie's reaction was a little different, as I approached her little bowl she looked at the shiny white package with a curiosity which very quickly turned to excitement once the seal was broken. It's dinner time!

As I examined and poured out the perfectly portioned, tender bites of high-quality real seafood from the pouch. I knew Frankie would love it! She must have caught the aroma since she couldn't help but poke her nose between my hands and her little pink bowl. 'Don't spill, don't spill' I thought to myself as I set the bowl down.

It didn't take long before Frankie lost all manners, the cat that sat lazily, in perfect calm across the room, was now devouring the broth and chunks of real fish in record time. She dove right into the broth with an excitement that I haven't seen since she was a kitten!
I couldn't help but feel good seeing her taste a delicious meal which I knew was crafted without by-products or fillers. By looking at the broth I could tell that these were real pieces of fish, a change from the standard hard, crunchy food we normally feed her. Needless to say our dinner table was not the only place with an irresistibly delicious meal that night, because we've discovered a new way to ensure that our kitty enjoys meals time too!

Peek this adorable Fancy Feast® commercial:


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Can you turn your elegant cat into a little ravaging lion with Fancy Feast® Broths? We would love to hear some of your favorites and unique things about your pet! Share with us by leaving a comment below.

This post is brought to you by Fancy Feast®. All opinions are mine.

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  1. I have 4 cats and my favorite thing about all 4 of them is their unconditional love to me.

  2. ...that I don't have one. (dog lover!)

  3. I love how my kitty snuggles up to my chest at night and I hold her all night.

  4. Sweet @Carly Rae Boechler!


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